Admissions for Fall 2012 - Info for High School Counselors

COMPASS Placement Retesting Procedure

Please note that this policy is subject to revision as the University System of Georgia may in the future see fit. Until such time, the following shall be the re-testing procedure of Georgia Perimeter College.

Goal of Retesting: To increase the likelihood that students are correctly placed into both Learning Support and college-level courses. Placement retests are available for applicants as long as they have an active application

COMPASS Placement Retesting does not apply to COMPASS ESL placement testing.

Immediately after placement/admissions testing, the applicant to GPC may choose to take a placement retest, subject to the following stipulations:

  1. A COMPASS retest is allowed, no earlier than one day after the initial placement test, in all subject areas where college-level placement was not achieved.
  2. After the first retest, students may retest again only after 30 days have passed from the last retest.
  3. Applicants who choose to retest must do so in one sitting for all subject areas in which they wish to retest.
  4. The fee for retesting is $20.
  5. Test scores in subject areas where college-level placement was not achieved are no longer valid after one year.
  6. Placement/admissions will be determined by the combination of the best valid scores between the placement test and placement retest(s).
  7. Once coursework is started, a student is no longer eligible for a placement retest. Students who start coursework may start the testing cycle over after 1 year from their last semester of attendance.