Admissions Info for High School Counselors

Test Scores Required for Admission to GPC

GPC does not require SAT or ACT scores prior to admission. However, we encourage students to submit them if they will provide COMPASS placement test exemptions. The minimum SAT Verbal/Critical Reading score is 480  and the ACT English Score is 20 (with no CPC/RHSC deficiencies in English). The SAT Mathematics score is 440, and the ACT mathematics score is 18. (with no CPC/RHSC deficiencies in math). We cannot accept SAT or ACT that are more than 7 years old.

College credit for English composition or College Algebra (or higher) earned and officially reported in the form of AP, IB, or CLEP scores, or a college transcript from a regionally accredited institution will also exempt placement testing in the respective area – as long as the student does not have a CPC/RHSC deficiency in that area. In which case, the student must also take and pass the relevant COMPASS test.

Students whose COMPASS scores fall below the USG minimums (32 – English (writing), 62 – Reading, and 20 – Math (algebra)) in any one of the three areas will not be eligible for admission.

Students who test above the USG COMPASS score minimums but place into all three areas of Learning Support (English, reading, and math) will not be eligible for admission. COMPASS scores taken at a Technical College will not satisfy test score requirements unless the student enrolled in that institution prior to applying to Georgia Perimeter College.

Applicants who do not meet the minimum scores on COMPASS are eligible to retest on the next business day. Additional retests, if necessary, are allowed every 30 days until either the applicant has acheived sufficient scores or until the application has expired. Applications are kept valid for three semesters.