Admission Requirements

  1. GPC Application for Admission accompanied by a $20 non-refundable fee

    • GPC’s application is available online at
    • A GPC application is valid for three (3) consecutive terms, including the term of application.
  2. Official transcript from each college, university or technical college attended

    • Applicants must be eligible to return to the institution they last attended.
    • Applicants with less than 30 hours of transferable college credit must meet freshman requirements.
    • Official transcripts from each college, university or technical school attended must be submitted.
  3. Verification of Lawful Presence in the United States

  4. Immunization Records

  1. Official SACS or regionally accredited high school transcript with date of graduation and diploma type listed

    • An official SACS or regionally accredited high school transcript is required for transfer applicants who have less than 30 hours of transferable credit GPC can accept from SACS or regionally accredited institution(s).
    • High school transcripts will be evaluated for College Preparatory Curriculum/Required High School Curriculum completions regardless of the type of diploma received (for students age 23 or less).
    • Certificates of Performance or Special Education diplomas are not acceptable.
    • General Educational Development (GED) applicants are required to submit official GED passing scores and SACS or regionally accredited high school transcript.
  2. Placement Testing Requirement

    • Applies to transfer applicants who do not have transferrable English composition and/or college algebra credit GPC can accept.
    • Minimum Computer Adaptive Placement Assessment and Support System (COMPASS) placement test scores and/or eligible Advanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB), College-Level Examination Program (CLEP), SAT or ACT test scores.
      Do NOT pay for expedited delivery of SAT and/or ACT scores. GPC requires 5 - 7 business days to process each admission document after it is received.
    • The COMPASS test requires a $20 fee. GPC has a testing center at each campus.
    • Information for requesting official scores or documentation may be found at the SAT, ACT, CLEP, AP and IB websites.
    • Placement Test exemption requirements are listed below.
  3. Document Upload System

    • Applicants may upload many documents required for admission, except for official transcripts, test scores, or birth certificates.

Course Transferability to GPC

  • Transfer applicants may view transferable courses at the GPC Student Information System site. Courses are listed alphabetically. Look up the corresponding area. If GPC has a comparable course, it will be listed.
  • If a GPC comparable course is not listed, you may not be awarded transfer credit for that particular course. GPC is unable to provide credit for courses it does not offer or from institutions that do not have appropriate accreditation status.

COMPASS Placement Test Table

GPC uses the COMPASS (Computer Adaptive Placement Assessment and Support System) as its course placement testing tool. GPC does not require SAT or ACT scores. Students may submit scores that meet COMPASS test exemption criteria. The COMPASS test measures English, reading and math abilities.

COMPASS Algebra Score (COMM)

00 - 19    Inadmissible    00 - 19     Inadmissible    00 - 61 and COMM 00 - 36     Any    Inadmissible   
20 - 24     MATH 0987    20 - 29     MATH 0989    00 - 61 and COMM 37 - 99     Any    ENGL 0989   
24 - 36    MATH 0997 + MATH 1001    30 - 46    MATH 0999 + MATH 1111    62 - 73    Any    ENGL 0989   
37 - 99    MATH 1001    47 - 99    MATH 1111    74 - 99    00 - 31 and COMM 00 - 36    Inadmissible    
74 - 99    00 - 31 and COMM 37 - 99    ENGL 0989    
74 - 99    32 - 54    ENGL 0989    
74 - 99    55 - 63    ENGL 0999 + ENGL 1101    
74 - 99    64 - 99    ENGL 0999 + ENGL 1101    

Students who place into all three (3) areas of Learning Support are not eligible for admission to GPC.

Students are eligible for one (1) retest immediately. Additional retests (as needed) may occur 30 days after the initial retest. Each retest requires the $20 COMPASS test fee. Visit the Testing website to view COMPASS test practice materials as well as testing center information.

COMPASS Exemption Requirements

Test scores ( SAT or ACT) must be less than seven (7) years old from the first day of class of your specified application term. You may partially or fully exempt COMPASS placement testing if you have one of the following:

  • SAT Verbal/Critical Reading score of 480 or higher and no CPC/RHSC deficiencies.
  • SAT Mathematics score of 500 or higher and no CPC/RHSC deficiencies.
  • ACT Mathematics score of 21 and no CPC/RHSC deficiencies.
  • ACT English score of 20 and no CPC/RHSC deficiencies.
  • College credit for English composition or college algebra (or higher) earned and officially reported in the form of AP (Advanced Placement), IB (International Baccalaureate) or CLEP (College-Level Examination Program) scores and no CPC/RHSC deficiencies.
  • A college transcript from a regionally accredited institution showing that you have English composition and/or college algebra college credit that GPC can accept.

Provisional Admission (when final grades for a semester are not yet available)

GPC will generally admit transfer students from other accredited colleges and universities when grades are not available for the last immediate term. In those cases, we will place a registration hold for subsequent semesters until we have received an official transcript showing either final grades, or removal of registration for that term.

Students admitted without final grades may encounter difficulties in registering for coursework that requires pre-requisites when official grades for those pre-requisite coureses are not available.

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