The following topics are listed below:

Admission Requirements

  1. GPC Application for Admission accompanied by a $20 non-refundable fee

    • GPC’s application is available online at
    • A GPC application is valid for three (3) consecutive terms, including the term of application.
  2. Transient/permission letter from the applicant’s enrolled institution

    • A transient/permission letter signed by the registrar or academic dean at the institution recommending the applicant as a transient student.
    • The letter must indicate the the specific term the student plans to attend GPC.
    • The letter may also include a list of courses to be taken at GPC.
    • A "Letter of Good Standing" from institutions outside the state of Georgia may be acceptable.
    • For fastest service, transient/permission letters may be faxed to us at (678) 891-3211, or scanned and uploaded to us at the GPC MyStatus Page or by through the GPC mobile app.
  1. Verification of Lawful Presence in the United States

  2. Immunization Records

  3. Document Upload System

    • Applicants may upload many documents required for admission, except for official transcripts, test scores, or birth certificates.

Contact Admissions

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