The following topics are listed below:

Admission Requirements

  1. GPC Application for Admission accompanied by a $20 non-refundable fee

    • GPC’s application is available online at This is a state-authorized site for college applications in Georgia. A GAcollege411 account is required to submit an application.
    • A GPC application is valid for three (3) consecutive terms, including the term of application.
  2. Transient Letter from the applicant’s enrolled institution

    • A letter from the registrar or academic dean at the institution in which the student is enrolled.
    • The letter must indicate a statement of good standing and eligibility to return to the institution, permission to attend GPC and the specific term the student plans to attend.
    • A list of courses to be taken at GPC also may be included.
    • GPC will only accept official Letters of Good Standing from institutions outside the state of Georgia.
    • For fastest service, transient letters may be faxed to us at (678) 891-3211.
  1. Verification of Lawful Presence in the United States

  2. Immunization Records

  3. Document Upload System

    • Applicants may upload many documents required for admission, except for official transcripts, test scores, or birth certificates.

Contact Admissions

Contact Information