Move On When Ready Program
Fast Forward To Your Future

Start Your College Career Before You Graduate High School!

If you’re a qualified junior or senior you can take college courses while still in high school through our Move On When Ready Program.
Credits earned as a Move On When Ready student will transfer to most other colleges and universities through-out Georgia and the US.

In 2015, the Georgia General Assembly passed a law that streamlined the existing dual-enrollment programs. As a result, Accel, Dual HOPE Grant, and the original Move On When Ready have been combined into one program entitled Move On When Ready (MOWR), in which high school students may earn high school course credits while taking college courses. Georgia’s Move On When Ready dual-credit program is available to Georgia student enrolled in a public school, private school, or home-study program operated pursuant to O.C.G.A. 20-2-690 in Georgia.

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Student Eligibility

To be eligible for Move On When Ready, a student must:

  • Be a rising Junior or Senior in high school
  • Be on track to graduate
  • Obtain approval of the high school guidance counselor and parent(s)/legal guardian(s)
  • Remain in good academic standing with a 2.0 GPA or higher at Georgia State University Perimeter College to
    remain eligible for the program
    • Beginning Fall semester 2016, student must earn a GPA of 2.0 each individual semester to continue in the MOWR program.

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Admission Requirements

  1. High School GPA Requirement:
    • 3.0 in core courses on a 4.0 scale as calculated by Perimeter College
  2. Test scores:

ACT Requirement (effective Fall semester 2016)

Minimum ACT composite score
ACT English minimum score
ACT Math minimum score


SAT Requirement (effective Fall semester 2016)

Minimum combined Critical Reading and Math score
SAT Critical Reading minimum score
SAT Math minimum score


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Application Deadlines

The college application "deadline" refers to the date when all of your documents need to be processed by Perimeter College, not the date you turn your document(s) in.

Keep in mind that the Perimeter College admissions office will process documents in the order that they are received. There are hundreds of students submitting documents each semester and it can sometimes take up to 4 weeks for your documents to be processed. Please plan accordingly.

Applicants must submit the college application through, and wait for the admissions office to process all required documents by the respective deadline.

  • Fall semester deadline: July 1st     (docs need to be turned in 4 weeks prior to the deadline)
  • Spring semester deadline: November 1st     (docs need to be turned in 4 weeks prior to the deadline)
  • Summer semester deadline: April 1st     (docs need to be turned in 4 weeks prior to the deadline)

Any student not admitted by the deadline may still choose to apply and submit documents to the college.
However, the college is not able to guarantee the student will be admitted before the first day of class, or that any seats will be available.

There is no waiting list nor any way to hold a seat for any student under any circumstances.

Application Instructions     printable version

It's official! Georgia Perimeter College is now Georgia State University Perimeter College.

We look forward to reviewing your application soon!

  1. First, decide which MOWR program is best for you.
    There are two separate MOWR options to choose from. Be sure to decide which program you would like to apply to, and use the correct college application.
    • Georgia State University Perimeter College-MOWR
      (Campuses: Alpharetta, Clarkston, Decatur, Dunwoody, Newton)
    • Georgia State University-MOWR
      (Campus: Atlanta Downtown)
  2. Apply online.
    To apply to Georgia State University Perimeter College.
    Visit GA College 411
    Log in
    • If you already have an account, enter your account name and password.
    • If you do not already have an account, create one.

    Select Applications and Transcripts.
    Select "College Planning"
    Select "Applications"
    Select "Apply to College"
    Select "Georgia Perimeter College" (We are still listed on GA College 411 as Georgia Perimeter College)
    Complete the application and submit.

    • Be sure that you (the student) use your correct social security number when you apply.
    • List your student type as Move On When Ready.
    • There is no longer a fee waiver code needed for MOWR applicants. (updated 3/1/2016)

    *Allow 3-5 business days for the college to load your application checklist and Student ID number.
    Look up your Student ID number here.
    Look up your Application Checklist here.

  3. High School Transcript.
    Official high school transcripts only.
    You may accomplish this by bringing a sealed official turning it in person at your nearest MOWR office
    Have your high school mail an official transcript to
    Perimeter College
    P.O. Box 89000
    Atlanta, GA 30356
  4. Parent/Guardian Permission Letter

  5. Parent to fill out form.
    Submit form in person at your local MOWR office
    Upload documents here.
  6. Student Participation Agreement Form (a.k.a Participation Permission Form).
    All students must complete a Georgia Department of Education Student Participation Agreement Form.
    This form must be signed by the student, parent, and high school counselor.
    You must turn in a new form each and every semester to register for classes.
    This form determines what classes you are able to register for once you have been admitted.
    Submit the form in person at your local MOWR office
    Upload documents here.
    Every semester beyond your first semester, you should turn the Participation Agreement Form in to your MOWR coordinator in person.

  7. GA Drivers License / US Birth Certificate
    Every applicant must submit their GA drivers lic to the office and we will make a copy here.
    Permits are not accepted.
    If the student does not have a drivers license then the student will need to bring in the ORIGINAL birth certificate and we will make a copy here.
    If you choose to use your drivers license, then you may Upload documents here.
    If you choose to use your birth certificate, you must bring the original birth certificate into the office.
  8. ACT or SAT scores
    Submit your official ACT or SAT score report directly to Perimeter College from their respective website.
    Here is the link to ACT Login page. The college code for the ACT remains 0806. (Updated 5/2/2016)
    Here is the link to SAT Login page. The college code for the SAT remains 5711. (Updated 5/2/2016)
    The location to send the scores to is still Clarkston, Ga. (Updated 5/2/2016)
  9. AP scores
    Submit your AP scores directly to Georgia State University Perimeter College from the College Board web site link.
    The college code to send AP scores to GSU Perimeter College remains 5711. (Updated 5/2/2016)
    AP scores are required in order to possibly receive college credit. An example would be if you want to register for ENGL 1102 and you need to show proof that you have earned credit for ENGL 1101. Your AP LIT, or AP LANG score may earn you credit for ENGL 1101.
    You can check the score requirements here on the ERS AP score page.
    Please keep in mind that not all post-secondary institutions accept the same scores.
    Be sure to research how your AP scores might be accepted at different post-secondary institutions.
  10. Check your application status REGULARLY.
    This is the link to check your My Status page.
  11. The typical timeline for processing an application and all supporting documents
    to receive a decision is approximately 4-6 weeks.
    Please plan accordingly.
    If a deadline is listed as July 1st, submit your documents AT LEAST 4 weeks prior to July 1st.

  12. Once you have been "admitted" you will need to contact your MOWR coordinator for further details. Contact information can be found on the left hand column of this page.  


  • After you have submitted the application, please allow 3-5 business days for processing.
    Once it has been processed you will be assigned an Application Checklist and assigned a Student ID number.
    This ID number is required for you to view your My Status page.
  • You can find out your GPC ID by following this GPC ID link.
  • GPC will only review your records to make an admission decision after all required documents have been submitted, evaluated and posted to your record. You can view your application checklist on your My Status page.
  • Your My Status page is the quickest and most efficient way to view your admission checklist, real-time
    admissions office processing updates, as well as your admissions decision.
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Students MUST apply for this award each semester. It is not automatic.
Log in to for more information about the MOWR award.

Students who attend Georgia Perimeter College as a Move On When Ready student are eligible for the Move On When Ready
award, which is administered by the Georgia Student Finance Commission (GSFC).
The Move On When Ready award pays tuition, fees and provides textbooks.
The cost for coursework up to 15 semester hours from the GPC MOWR approved course list will be funded by the Georgia Student Finance Commission.
Other cost of attendance expenses including lab fees, course related fees, meals, transportation and personal expenses are the responsibility of the student/parent/guardian.

*The cost of any courses not covered under the GPC MOWR approved course list are the financial responsibility of the student/parent/guardian.

printable version

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What Next?

Below is a list of things to do once you have been "Accepted" to Perimeter College:
Question: How do you know if you have been accepted?
Answer: Log in to your Application Checklist to see that your status has been changed to "accepted."

These next steps only apply to you if you have already been "accepted" to GPC and have received your email indicating you have been admitted.

  • Complete the Move On When Ready funding application.

    All students (this means you) must submit a MOWR funding application each and every semester.
    This is different than your application to GSU Perimeter College.
    Wait until you have been admitted, met with your MOWR coordinator, and you have your MOWR college schedule in hand before you submit this funding application.
    • Students attending an eligible public or private high school or participating in the GAMES Academy or the Advanced Academy of Georgia must complete the MOWR online funding application each semester.
    • Students attending a home study program must complete the MOWR paper application each semester.

Everyone's MOWR funding application consists of three parts:

  • Part 1 must be completed by: Student & Parent/Guardian
  • Part 2 must be completed by: High School/Home Study
  • Part 3 must be completed by: Postsecondary Institution

Failure to do this each semester will result in the college sending you a bill for the full amount of tuition and books.
The best way to avoid this is to be sure to complete your MOWR funding application prior to the first day of class. Then, follow up with your high school counselor to let them know you have completed part 1, and that part 2 is ready for them to complete.

  • Set up your email:
    Set up your Georgia Perimeter email account. Set this up right away! Remember that Georgia Perimeter will send all important emails to your Georgia Perimeter email address. Please start using the Georgia Perimeter email to contact us.
    You can find the student webmail access here.
  • Submit your Certificate of Immunization:
    Follow the instructions on the Student Health Center web site.
    Do not bring immunization forms to the MOWR office as we cannot accept them.
    Immunization forms must be processed by the Student Health Center.
  • Verify your lawful presence:
    If you haven't already done so, please verify your "lawful presence" with the admissions office. Please know that all admitted students who plan to enroll must verify their lawful presence.
    For details on how to do this, please review the Lawful Presence requirements.
  • Immunizations:
    Submit the required immunization records to the Student Health Center.
    The MOWR office is not authorized to receive or process these forms.
    Contact the GPC Student Health Center here for more details and contact information.
  • Math placement test:
    MOWR students must take the math placement test if they plan to take a math course above Math 1111 (College Algebra).
    The cost of this test is $20.
    Payment can be made in person at the Student Accounts office at your campus.
    Contact the Testing Center here to schedule an appointment for the math placement test.
  • Call Perimeter College:
    Call your MOWR Coordinator as soon as you have been admitted.
    Students taking a Perimeter College course at their high school location/address, will not need to make an appointment.
    Use the list of coordinators on the left hand side of this screen to find the appropriate phone number to call.

Policies & Regulations

Academic Standing:

  • Students must remain in good academic standing with a 2.0 GPA or higher at Perimeter College to remain eligible to participate in the program.

    • Beginning Fall semester 2016, student must have a GPA of 2.0 per semester to continue in the MOWR program.

  • Students whose Perimeter College GPA falls below a 2.0 will not be permitted to continue participation in the GSU Perimeter College MOWR program.

    • After one semester of demonstrated academic high school success, the student may petition for return to the MOWR program at GSU Perimeter College through the Office of Early College Programs.

The GSU Perimeter College Bookstore will loan required textbooks to each student enrolled in the Move On When Ready program each semester, with the agreement that the textbooks will be returned to Georgia Perimeter College Bookstore at the end of each semester.

You may print the student Bookstore Agreement Form here.
Complete this form and take a copy of your schedule/bill (signed by your MOWR coordinator) to the bookstore before the first day of class.

You can find the bookstore hours and phone numbers here.

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