Important Immunization Information

Georgia Perimeter College is in compliance with the Georgia Board of Regents immunization requirements.

Each student is responsible for submitting their immunization records after being accepted to Georgia Perimeter College.

Please review the full immunization requirements and submit documentation prior to the first day of class. Failure to submit documentation will result in an incomplete record. An incomplete record will result in a registration hold being placed on a student's account.

The purpose of this policy is to ensure that students are protected against communicable diseases that are preventable and to reduce the likelihood of an epidemic or threatened epidemic on a Georgia public college/university campus.

Tips for submitting records:

Immunization information can best be obtained by contacting your county health department, doctor's office or clinic, or previous schools you may have attended. If you are unable to find your records, vaccines and blood tests (titers) to prove immunity are available at the GPC Student Health Center.

If you are unable to locate your shot record, but are certain that you have had the immunization, we recommend blood tests (titers) instead of repeating the shots. If the titer shows that you are immune, then you have proven immunity. If the titer results show you are NOT immune, you will need to receive the immunization. Note: There is no titer available for the Tdap/Td requirement.

Please make sure your name, birth date, and Student ID number (900 number) are correct on all documents that you submit.

You should submit all forms and dates as early as possible to avoid delays in processing and registration.

All dates must be legible or you will have to resubmit all your forms. All dates should be formatted month/day/year.

Check your records for the required number of doses for each vaccine.
If your records are more than 10 years old, there is a chance they will not meet all immunization requirements