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ASTR 1010L

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Credit Hours 1
Course Title Astronomy Of The Solar System Laboratory
Prerequisite(s) Exit of exemption from Learning Support Mathematics and exit or exemption from Learning Support reading or all ESL requirements except ENSL 0091
Corequisite(s) ASTR 1010
Catalog Description
This course is the laboratory to accompany ASTR 1010.

Expected Educational Results
As a result of completing this course, the student will be able to:
1. Perform basic measurements as are deemed appropriate by the experiments
2. Analyze pictures and/or graphical information and answer questions based
on them;
3. Discuss the theoretical basis of the performed experiments in the terms
described by the corresponding complementary lecture.

General Education Outcomes
This course has primary responsibility for general education outcome number six:
Recognize and apply scientific inquiry in a variety of settings.

It is intended that the course meets this objective in the following way:
This is a laboratory course.  This course directly involves the use of scientific
inquiry in the quest to understand astronomy.  The performance of the weekly
experiments will provide experience in applying scientific inquiry.

Course Content
The course shall meet at least 13 times per semester.  Among the sessions there should be:  One Mathematical Review, One Mid-Term Exam or a Study Session, at least 10 laboratory exercises, and one comprehensive final exam.  

The following lab experiments are available for the students to perform.  The instructor should select at least ten of the experiments to perform, in keeping with the course and the available equipment.  
Celestial Coordinates
Observing Session I
Planetary Orbits and Kepler’s Laws
Retrograde Motion of Mars
The Greenhouse Effect *
Rotation rate of the Earth
The Moon
Observing Session 2: The Moon
Rotation of Mercury
Geology of Venus
The Moons of Jupiter

Assessment of Outcome Objectives
The college believes in the academic value of giving final exams that are comprehensive in nature; however, the college also values the discretion of the faculty member to determine appropriate assessment methods. The departments on each campus and/or individual instructors will construct a detailed syllabus based on the Common Course Outline for implementation in each class.

Revised: March 1998 for semester conversion
May 1998 for semester conversion (conform to standard format)
March 2001- revised to reflect current catalogue
March 2002- course name and number changed
Sept. 2003- assessment statement from Faculty Handbook adopted
Reviewed: March 2005

Last Revised: Aug. 04, 2011
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