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ATEC 1201

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Credit Hours   1   
Course Title   Computer Concepts   
Prerequisite(s)   None   
Corequisite(s)   None Specified   
Catalog Description   
This course is a brief introduction to basic computer concepts and fundamentals. It covers the following topics: microcomputer system components; categories of computers; general microcomputer software applications; guidelines for purchasing a microcomputer system; the basic communication system components; how computers process data and execute programs; and legal, ethical, and privacy issues facing computer users. Students passing (A or B) a locally administered test will receive credit for the course in Area B, Institutional Requirements.

Expected Educational Results   
As a result of completing this course, the student will:
1. Be able to identify the components of a typical microcomputer system.
2. Be able to identify and describe different types of input devices, output devices, and auxiliary storage devices.
3. Be able to identify the major categories of computers and their uses.
4. Be able to identify and describe the most widely used general microcomputer software applications.
5. Know the guidelines for purchasing computer hardware and software.
6. Know the basic components of a communications system.
7. Have an understanding as to how a computer processes data and executes programs.
8. Understand and be familiar with the legal, ethical, and privacy issues facing computer users.
General Education Outcomes   
This course addresses the general education outcome relating to computer literacy by providing the student with the terms and concepts of basic computer use.
Course Content   
1. Hardware
a. Input devices (keyboards, mouse, etc.)
b. Output devices (monitors, printer, etc.)
c. Storage devices (hard drive, diskette, CD-ROM, etc.)
d. Processing (CPUs Pentiums, 486s, etc.)
e. Bits and bytes
f. Microcomputers vs. mainframes
2. Software
a. System software
b. Application software/demonstrations
c. Word processing
d. Spreadsheet
e. Database
f. Presentation graphics
3. Networks
a. Communication systems (fiber optics, microwave, satellite)
b. LAN (Local Area Networks), WAN (Wide Area Networks)
c. Internet
4. Data Security
a. Viruses, disaster recovery
b. Back up copies
c. Passwords
d. Data encryption
5. Social Issues
a. Legal--software licenses and copyright laws
b. Ethical--intellectual property, data ownership
c. Privacy issues
d. Future implications (telecommuting, interactive TV, etc.)

Assessment of Outcome Objectives   
The course grade will be determined by a series of unit exams and a comprehensive final exam prepared by individual instructors.
A committee designated by the Applied Technology 1201 and 1203 oversight committee will determine the method of departmental assessment.

This will be determined by the ATEC 1201 and 1203 curriculum committees.

March 4, 2005
Last Revised: Aug. 19, 2011
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