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CRJU 2110

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Credit Hours 3
Course Title American Police Systems
Prerequisite(s) Exit or exemption from Learning Support reading or all ESL requirements except ENSL 0091.
Corequisite(s) None Specified
Catalog Description
This course provides an introductory overview of the history, role, organization and problems inherent in public law enforcement in the United States.  Special emphasis will be directed to specific issues such as police operations, police discretion, police misconduct, and police ethics in twenty-first century America.  Attention will be devoted to the contributions made by women and minorities and to the special problems encountered by nontraditional groups in their quest to become a valued part of the law enforcement profession.

Expected Educational Results
As a result of completing this course the student will be able to:

1. Familiarize themselves with the historical foundations underlying the origin and development of the American police system.
2. Gain an overview of the duties and responsibilities of law enforcement officers and agencies.
3. Acknowledge the contributions of, and the problems faced by, women and minorities in their struggle to become a valued part of the law enforcement profession.
4. Become acquainted with the unique challenges that are inherent in policing a multicultural society in twenty-first century America.
5. Acquire and demonstrate critical thinking skills as evidenced by the content and quality of their written work.

General Education Outcomes
This course addresses the general education outcomes of identifying, analyzing, and evaluating social, political, historical forces and communicating effectively through speaking, listening, reading, and writing.

Course Content
1. The Police in American Society
2. Historical Perspectives
3. Black Police in America
4. Women in Policing
5. Hispanics and Other Minorities in Policing
6. Personnel Systems
7. Police Organization and Management
8. Police Operations
9. Police Discretion
10. Police Culture and Behavior
11. Police Ethics and Deviance
12. Civil Liability
13. The Police in the Modern Community
14. Policing the Drug Problem

XI. Police Ethics and Deviance
XII. Civil Liability
XIII. The Police in the Modern Community
XIV. Policing the Drug Problem

Assessment of Outcome Objectives
Tests, a written assignment and a final exam prepared by the individual instructors will be used to determine the course grade, along with any other assignments required by the instructor.  The final exam will include a 20-question multiple choice assessment instrument that will count for at least 20% of the grade on the final exam.  The assessment instrument will have questions that sample the material found in the above objectives.  It is expected that writing skills will be emphasized by the incorporation of a written assignment component in the course.

October 2002
Reviewed June 8, 2005

Last Revised: Aug. 05, 2011
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