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ENGL 1101H

This is an archive of the Common Course Outlines prior to fall 2011. The current Common Course Outlines can be found at   
Credit Hours   3   
Course Title   English Composition I (Honors)   
Prerequisite(s)   Exit or exemption from Learning Support English and reading or all ESL requirements and acceptance into the Honors Program    
Corequisite(s)   None Specified   
Catalog Description   
This course is ENGL 1101 for Honors students.
Expected Educational Results   
As a result of completing this course, the student will have developed:
Fundamentals of essay writing: selection of a suitable topic, formulation of a thesis statement, knowledge of outlining, development of the body of the essay with adequate support.
Techniques of addressing pros and cons in logical argument.
Principles of writing style: effective sentence structure, precise diction, smooth transitions between and within paragraphs.
Strategies for revising and editing essays for logical coherence, rhetorical strategies, style, diction, and grammar.
Skill in researching topics with both computerized and print indexes and citing these sources correctly in documented essays.

General Education Outcomes   
I Students develop speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills in the following ways:
They develop their speaking skills through peer group activities, class discussions, and more formal activities such as panel presentations, debates, and individual talks.
They develop their listening skills through taking notes from lectures and responding to oral instructions given in class.
They develop reading skills through comprehension of textbook material, analysis of both student and professional essays, and assessment of print and electronic resources.
They develop writing skills by planning, composing, and revising a variety of essays.
II Students demonstrate effective critical thinking and problem-solving skills in the following ways:
They learn a variety of strategies for planning essays.
They learn to evaluate others’ ideas and integrate them into their own writing.
They learn the methods and rationale of persuasive writing.
III Students organize and analyze information through the use of computer software in CAI classes.
They learn methods of revising, using a word processing program.
They learn methods of editing, using a word processing program.
They learn methods of doing research, using a browser
Course Content   
I     During the semester, students will write at least six compositions that progressively increase in length and complexity. One of these assignments may be part of the final examination. These compositions will incorporate the following:

Writing thesis statements.
Arguing logically and constructing transitions.
Writing argumentative essays.
Analyzing techniques of style.
Writing essay examinations.
Researching topics with computerized and print indexes.

Tests will be assigned at the individual instructor's discretion.
II     Techniques to be taught include the following:
A     Invention and pre-writing
B     Thesis and outline
C     Development strategies for both paragraph and essay
D     Revision
E     Mechanics and usage
F     Basic research skills
III    Computer techniques taught in CAI classes include the following:
A     Word processing methods for revision
B     Word processing methods for editing
C     Using a browser to search the Internet

Assessment of Outcome Objectives   

Essays (a minimum of five essays is required) 67% to 80%
Tests (optional) 10%
Final exam (one part of the final examination will require the writing of an essay in class under the supervision of the instructor) 20% to 33%


Every five years a committee appointed by the writing program administrator will select a representative sample of essays from the final exam essays.
The selected essays will be evaluated according to the criteria set forth in the Expected Educational Results.
The English 1101 and 1102 Committee and the Honors English Course Committee will use the information gathered from the departmental assessment to revise the course outline and course syllabus as needed.
Regents'  Test  Statements
“Students must take the Regents’ Test in their first semester of enrollment after earning 30 semester hours.”
The Humanities Division recommends that students take the test for the first time the semester following completion of ENGL 1101 with a “C” or better.
Any exceptions to the statements above may be found by consulting the GPC College Catalog or GPC Student Handbook.

Last Revised: Aug. 08, 2011
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