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ENSL 0070

This is an archive of the Common Course Outlines prior to fall 2011. The current Common Course Outlines can be found at
Credit Hours 3
Course Title Integrated Skills I
Prerequisite(s) Placement by examination
Corequisite(s) None Specified
Catalog Description
Students use intermediate-level ESL materials as they develop communication skills with an emphasis on reading and writing.

Expected Educational Results
By the end of the semester, students should be able to

A. Read intermediate level ESL texts and identify:
1. the dominant time frame
2. fiction or non-fiction
3. fact and opinion
4. main ideas and supporting ideas
5. basic literary terms

B. Use the following to understand the vocabulary of intermeidate level ESL texts:
1. parts of speech
2. affixes
3. contextual clues
4. the dictionary

C.     Discuss and write about
1. main ideas of the readings
2. Reader response to character, setting, and point of view

D. Write in response to intermediatee level ESL texts, including
1. conventions of written English (capitals, spelling, punctuation, basic grammar)
2. vocabulary learned from the readings
3. a clear main idea and supporting examples

General Education Outcomes
All English as a Second Language course at GPC directly address the first General Education Outcome, "Communicate effectively through oral communication, listening, reading and writing."

Course Content
Thematically related materials to include short fiction, long fiction, and non-fiction readings as well as non-print resources will form the content of the course.  Themes and materials will vary, but all classes will include the following:

A. Reading activities and strategies that
1. Develop comprehension
2. Increase speed
3. Improve the ability to identify main ideas and supporting ideas
4. Distinguish fact from opinion
5. Introduce basic literary terms

B. Vocabulary exercises based on the readings that
1. Develop the ability to use the dictionary to find definitions and word forms
2. Develop the ability to recognize common prefixes and suffixes
3. Develop the ability to use context to determine meaning

C. Writing assignments that support reading skills, such as
1. Outlining and summarizing
2. Answering comprehension questions
3. Responding critically to the texts

Assessment of Outcome Objectives
A. Course Grade
The course grade will be computed as follows:
1. Tests/Exams 50-60%
2. All other work 40-50%

B. Departmental Assessment
This course will be assessed one semester out of every  five years.  As part of that assessment, students will be required to complete an objective test with questions based on one previously unread non-fiction reading selection and one previously unread fiction selection.

C. Use of Assessment Findings
The ENSL Committee will analyze the information gathered from the assessment and revise the course outline and course syllabus accordingly.  The assessment findings also may be the subject of professional development discussions regarding instructional improvement and curriculum change.

Last Revised: Nov. 17, 2011
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