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ENSL 0082

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Credit Hours 3
Course Title Academic Communication Skills II
Prerequisite(s) ENSL 0072 with a "C" or better or placement by examination
Corequisite(s) None Specified
Catalog Description
Speaking and listening skills are developed at the high-intermediate level.  Listening comprehension, note-taking, pronunciation, and presentation skills are emphasized.  

Expected Educational Results
By the end of the semester, students should be able to:
A. Communicate effectively by
1. Performing communicative tasks such as role plays, group discussions, debates
2. Making a five to seven-minute formal speech that is well-developed and shows clarity in pronunciation.  The speech should be based on research and accompanied by a Power Point presentation.
B. Improve their pronunciation by
1. Demonstrating clarity in pronunciation by using appropriate rhythm, stress, and intonation patterns
2. Identifying and using phonetic symbols to transcribe sounds
C. Improve their listening comprehension by
1. Demonstrating aural comprehension by taking notes on a lecture on an academic topic
2. Taking dictation with 70% accuracy on material dealing with academic topics

General Education Outcomes
A. All English as a Second Language courses at Georgia Perimeter College directly address the first General Education Outcome, “Communicate effectively through oral communication, listening, reading, and writing.”  This course specifically addresses the first General Education Outcome in the following manner.
1. Students develop their speaking skills through pronunciation activities and making a formal speech accompanied by a Power Point presentation.
2. Students develop their listening skills by listening to lectures, taking dictations and watching selected videos.
3. Students develop their writing skills through note-taking and summarizing activities.
4.  Students become familiar with the speech evaluation matrix used in COMM 1201.

Course Content
A. Speaking Activities
1. Communicative tasks on academic, professional, and cultural topics  involving stating and supporting opinions, contrasting, and persuading
2. A five to seven-minute formal speech supported by at least one academic source and accompanied by a Power Pint presentation
3. A collaborative interview project focused on career and future educational goals and a group presentation
B. Pronunciation Activities
1. A review of the American English sound system  focusing on stress, rhythm and intonation patterns
2. Individual recorded pronunciation practice as needed
C. Listening Activities
1. Note-taking activities on lectures
2. Aural comprehension activities on videotaped material
3. Summarizing lectures
4. Dictations

Assessment of Outcome Objectives
Course Grade

The course grade will be computed as follows:

1. Speaking and listening activities, note-taking exercises,   40%
2. Group Project and Speech                
3. Final Exam, consisting of
Speech or Oral Presentation, and
Listening/Notetaking Component

B. Departmental Assessment
This course will be assessed, as part of the ESL Program Assessment, one semester out of every five years.
C. Use of Assessment Findings
The ENSL Committee will analyze the information gathered from the assessment and revise the course outline and course syllabus accordingly.  The assessment findings also may be the subject of professional development discussions regarding instructional improvement and curriculum change.

Revised 11/2007

Last Revised: Aug. 08, 2011
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