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ENSL 0091

This is an archive of the Common Course Outlines prior to fall 2011. The current Common Course Outlines can be found at
Credit Hours 3
Course Title Applied Grammar III
Prerequisite(s) ENSL 0081 with a "C" or better or placement by examination
Corequisite(s) None Specified
Catalog Description
Students review and refine organizational and editing skills and improve
their application of grammar while writing essays.

Expected Educational Results
By the end of the semester, the student should be able to

A. Demonstrate familiarity with academic essay format (introduction, body
paragraphs, conclusion)

B. Recognize a variety of organizational patterns (description, narration,
comparison and contrast, argument)

C. Demonstrate the ability to produce a multi-paragraph essay which contains an
introduction with thesis, body paragraphs with adequate support, transitions,
and a conclusion.

D. Demonstrate the ability to use several kinds of editing strategies for self-
correcting compositions.

E. Demonstrate the ability to write and edit sentences with minimal errors in
grammar (including verbs, agreement and number, articles, sentence structure  
and mechanics.)

General Education Outcomes
A. All English as a Second Language courses at Georgia Perimeter College directly
address the general education outcome that states, “Students will communicate effectively through oral communication, reading, and writing.”  This course specifically this outcome in the following ways:
1. Students read essays and articles, responding to these readings orally and in writing.
2. Students write essays of several paragraphs, explaining and supporting their own ideas.

B. Students in this course develop critical thinking skills in the following ways:

1. Students organize support for their ideas in essay-length writing.
2. Students evaluate their own and their peers’ writing, learning to revise for clarity and edit for accuracy.

Course Content
A. Review of academic essay structure:  thesis, body paragraphs, transitions, and conclusions
B. Review of body paragraph development:  support by examples, narration, extended example, description.
C. Summary writing and/or response writing:  based on readings.
D. Proofreading and editing skills.
E. Advanced Grammar:  passive voice, conditional verb forms, gerunds and infinitives, reduced clauses

Assessment of Outcome Objectives
A. Course Grade
The course grade will be computed as follows:
1. Homework, Rewrites, Tests                                    40%
2. In-Class Compositions                                            25%
3. Final Examination (Exit Writing Test)                 35%
(A student must pass the final exam/exit writing test in order to pass the class.  A final grammar test—comprehensive or not—is optional, given at the teacher’s discretion)

B. Departmental Assessment

This course will be assessed as part of the ESL Program assessment one semester out of every five years.  

C. Use of Assessment Findings

The ESL Department will analyze the information gathered from the assessment and revise the course outline and course syllabus accordingly.  The assessment findings also may be the subject of professional development discussions regarding instructional improvement and curriculum change

Last Revised: Aug. 08, 2011
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