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FREN 1002

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Credit Hours 3
Course Title Elementary French II
Prerequisite(s) FREN 1001 or permission of the department chair
Corequisite(s) None Specified
Catalog Description
This course is a continuation of FREN 1001 with further study of the culture of French-speaking regions. This course is not open to native speakers, which includes anyone who used the language as his or her principal language of education.

Expected Educational Results
By the end of the course, the student should be able to:
A. Use in oral or written form, expressions and vocabulary related to:
Idiomatic expressions of “faire”
Restaurant and Food stores
Mealtime and Manners
Travel and Vacation
Sports and Games
Transportation (train, metro, airplane)
B. Seek and share information -  explanations, directions,  ordering in a restaurant, purchasing items, describing vacations, reserving a room
C. Extend invitations and refuse or accept invitations
D. Give commands using the imperative tense
E. Demonstrate some familiarity with French culinary and dining customs and typical French food, drink and meals
F. Tell time and use numbers correctly
G. Communicate ideas orally appropriate to level of understanding and expression at this time
H. Understand cultural aspects of francophone countries pertaining to units studied at this level
I. Write longer passages . short compositions,or a project concerning a topic studied at this level
J. Relate information in past tense now as well as the present
K. Use properly other grammar points such as the partitive, demonstrative adj(ce, cette), interrogative and exclamative quel, additional irregular verbs, and regular –re and –ir verbs

General Education Outcomes
None Specified

Course Content
A.    The imperfect tense
B.    The passé composé
C.    The partitive and expressions of quantity
D     Demonstrative adjectives
E.    Quel
F.     Irregular verbs such as pouvoir, vouloir, devoir, prendre, boire, acheter,  in addition to impersonal Il faut...
G.     Regular –ir verbs and –re verbs
H.    Time
I.     Numbers over 100
J.    Vocabulary pertaining to cuisine, travel, sports, geography
K.   Reading and writing appropriate to level
L. Cultural actvities and materials

Assessment of Outcome Objectives
The course grade will be computed as follows:

Major tests (generally 3-5)  ......................40%-50%
Quizzes, oral, homework, workbook.........20%-30%
Final Exam..............................................20%-30%


The Foreign Language Department will work to establish consistency of purpose and content through our French Curriculum Committee which coordinates curriculum content and assessment.


The scores on the finals will be the subject of professional development discussions about implications for instructional improvement and curriculum change.

Last Revised: Oct. 24, 2011
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