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FREN 2002

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Credit Hours 3
Course Title Intermediate French II
Prerequisite(s) FRENCH 2001 or permission of the department chair
Corequisite(s) None Specified
Catalog Description
This course continues and completes the material in FREN 2001.

Expected Educational Results
By the end of the course, the student should be able to:
A. use in the appropriate context vocabulary related to...
1. expressing opinions, arguing, agreeing, disagreeing
2. drawing conclusions
3. describing systems, cultures  
4. expressing doubt,  emotions,  necessity
5. more familiar slang or idiomatic expressions
6. various topics chosen by Instructor
B.  Express themselves in a variety of tenses with ease and clarity
C.  Engage others in discussion using a higher degree of critical thinking
D. Develop facility in the language through group activities
E. Role play numerous situations which may occur in a francophone country
F. Produce more meaningful sentences in written or oral form
G. Develop independent learning skills to further their knowledge of this language at a later time

General Education Outcomes
None Specified

Course Content
A. Conditionnel + si clauses
B. Future tenses + quand, lorsque, aussitôt que, dès que
C. Subjunctive tense
D. Pluperfect tense
E. Review of other tenses
F. Review of earlier grammar constructions including adverbs and negation
B. Relative pronouns
C. Depuis combien de temps, pendant...
D. Comparatives and Superlatives
E. Selected readings per Instructor
F. Selected topics per Instructor  (such as politics, territories,  film, etc.)
G. Last chapters of the selected text

Assessment of Outcome Objectives

The course grade will be computed as follows:

Major tests or quizzes......................40- 50%
Oral, projects, homework, compositions or any combination thereof.........................20-40%
Final Exam......................................20-30%


The Foreign Language Department will work to establish consistency of purpose and content through our French Curriculum Committee which coordinates curriculum content and assessment.


The scores on the finals will be the subject of professional development discussions about implications for instructional improvement and curriculum change.

Last Revised: Aug. 08, 2011
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