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GRMN 2002

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Credit Hours 3
Course Title Intermediate German II
Prerequisite(s) GRMN 2001 or permission of the department chair
Corequisite(s) None Specified
Catalog Description
This course focuses on a review of the grammar studied in GRMN 1001, GRMN 1002, and GRMN 2001 as well as developing more facility with the reading skill.

Expected Educational Results
By the end of the course, the student should be able to:
a. Demonstrate competence with all aspects of German grammar by correctly responding to questions in writing which elicit answers calling for such grammatical structures in all verb tenses, moods, using all varieties of sentence structure (simple, compound, complex), in indicative and subjunctive, and reflecting all four cases (nominative, accusative, dative and genitive).
b. Demonstrate ability to read German texts such as short stories and short articles by responding correctly to questions on such stories and articles.
c. Demonstrate ability to understand spoken German by responding correctly to questions after listening to audio taped readings of stories and short articles read and discussed in the course.

General Education Outcomes
None Specified

Course Content
A. Readings (short stories and short readings) based on the following themes:
1. personal finance
2. household finances  
3. current political and social issues
4. the environment
5. Reconstruction of Post- War Germany
6. Separation of East and West Germany
7. Reunification
B. Grammar topics including:
1. Subjunctive mode
2. Passive Voice
3. a review of  verbs and verb tenses, cases (nominative, Accusative, dative, genitive, prepositions, adjectives, participles

Assessment of Outcome Objectives
The course grade will be computed as follows:

Major Tests and Essays        50%
Homework and Quizzes    30%
Final Comprehensive Exam    20%

B. The department head for foreign languages will require that scores on the final exam, along with a copy of the final exam to be submitted to him. A record of these scores and a copy of the final exam will be kept and discussed among faculty to determine where possible improvement in instruction is needed.

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