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JOUR 1613

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Credit Hours 3
Course Title Basic Newswriting
Prerequisite(s) ENGL 1101 or ENGL 1101H with a "C" or better
Corequisite(s) None Specified
Catalog Description
This course is a study of basic news reporting, writing, and editing, with individualized assignments in the various media.

Expected Educational Results
As a result of completing this course, the student will be able to:
Demonstrate the ability to find news
Demonstrate a clear, acceptable style of organizing and writing the news
Understand the responsibility and power of the press

General Education Outcomes
Students develop writing and critical thinking skills through organizing and writing several types of news stories.
Students develop reading and listening skills through their reading of the textbook and follow-up lecture/discussions in class.

Course Content
Gathering information
Writing the story (news, features, speech stories)
Skills essential to news writing: writing the lead, using quotations, using numbers, newspaper grammar and punctuation, accuracy, editing, interviewing
Style and Stylebook (Associated Press style)
Legal and ethical considerations

Assessment of Outcome Objectives
1.    Course Grade
Midterm exam
Class assignments
Final exam
Weights of the various assignments will be explained in the course syllabus.

2.    Departmental Assessment

One class of every faculty member will be assessed one semester out of every five years. To assess whether the objectives of the course (as listed under "Expected Educational Results") have been met, students will be given a feature story assignment to research. They will be told to be prepared to write this feature story in class during the final examination period.
Students will be given the assignment two weeks prior to the final examination in handout form with the following specified on the handout:
Topics are to be selected and approved by the instructor at least one week prior to the examination.
Students are to conduct at least one interview in preparation for the writing story. Notes taken from the interview will be used in writing the story and turned in with the finished story.
Notes (including interview notes, but not articles, outlines, or practice stories) should be brought to class to use during the writing of the story.
Length of story: 400-500 words
The story will be the final examination in the news writing class. It is expected that the student will use all news-writing skills learned during the quarter (including Associated Press style) in the writing of the story.
Duplicated copies of the essays (before grading) and notes will be given to a committee of three Humanities faculty to be appointed by the appropriate administrator.
Papers will be evaluated according to the following criteria:

Subject selection (interest factor!) 25%
Story organization 25%
Use of proper copy format and AP style 25%
Spelling, grammar and sentence structure 25%
3.    Use of Assessment Findings
Journalism faculty will use the information gathered from the departmental assessment to revise the course outline and course syllabus as needed.

Last Revised: Aug. 08, 2011
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