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LIST 2009

This is an archive of the Common Course Outlines prior to fall 2011. The current Common Course Outlines can be found at   
Credit Hours   3   
Course Title   Internship   
Prerequisite(s)   Completion of all LIST courses listed in the Professional Curriculum and at least 6 hours of LIST electives   
Corequisite(s)   None Specified   
Catalog Description   
Practical experience of 10 hours per week of productive work time spent in a working library situation.  The Program Coordinator prior to the internship term will arrange the cooperation of participating institutions.  Deviations from these institutions will only be made at the discretion of the Program Coordinator. Written assignments such as resume preparation and job descriptions will be reviewed during sessions with the course instructor.
Expected Educational Results   
As a result of completing the internship the student will  
have a practical understanding and application of the programs and concepts
learned in class-based coursework.. Furthermore, the student will understand
the proper style of preparing resumes and job descriptions as it applies to a
library or information resource center.

General Education Outcomes   
Students will apply skills learned in the classroom to an actual
situation. Work assignments will reflect a definite library need rather than
“busy work”.  Lifelong skills that can be applied to the “real” world which
can only be found in a working environment will be demonstrated in this

Course Content   
The student is expected to work in a library/information resource center
setting for 10 hours per week during the semester that they take the course.

A. The student will write a resume for critical evaluation.
B. The student will compose a cover letter addressing specific job duties and experience.
C. Discussions will address the working structures of libraries and information resource centers.  The advantages and disadvantages of working in a library will be analyzed.
D. Problem solving regarding supervision, personnel, problem patrons, etc.
E. The student will write an evaluation of the work experience, particularly demonstrating how the information learned in the classroom was helpful in the work environment and if it was not in some cases, why not?

Assessment of Outcome Objectives   
I. At the end of the student’s internship, the quality of the student’s work will be evaluated and discussed by the workplace supervisor, the director of the workplace’s library or information resource center (if different), the Program Coordinator, and the course instructor.

II. Department Assessment

A. Every five years a departmental committee appointed by the Library (LIST) Program Committee will select a representative sample of the Library Technology Internship course activities.

B. The selected course activities will be evaluated according to the
criteria set forth in the Expected Education Result section of the common course outline.


The Library Program Committee will use the information gathered from the departmental assessments to revise the course outline as needed.

Last Revised: Aug. 08, 2011
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