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MUSA 1734

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Credit Hours   1   
Course Title   Secondary Applied I   
Prerequisite(s)   Admission as a music major, then sequential progress.    
Corequisite(s)   None Specified   
Catalog Description   
Individual instruction is offered in the fundamentals of musical performance through technical studies and appropriate literature. This course is intended for secondary-level instruction for music majors. The course meets once a week for 25 minutes during the semester. A jury examination is given at the end of each semester.

Expected Educational Results   
As a result of completing this course, the student will be able to demonstrate:
o Selected Major and Minor scales and arpeggios.
Selected cadences (Piano)
o Technical exercises appropriate to the instrument.
o Repertoire examples of at least two contrasting styles.
o Disciplined practice skills.
General Education Outcomes   
The technical and performance standards expected in this course are derived from the exercises, etudes and solo compositions individually selected to fit the student's performing medium, level of advancement, and technical problem needs.
The student will be able to demonstrate:
· Selected Major and Minor scales and arpeggios
· Ability to perform cadences in selected keys (Piano)
· Interpretations consistent to stylistic practice.
· Other technical exercises appropriate to the instrument.
· The performance of literature from at least two contrasting stylistic periods and a minimum of one hour practice per day.
Course Content   
1.    Major and Minor scales
2.    Major and Minor arpeggios
Cadences in all keys (Piano)
3.    Technical exercises appropriate to the instrument.
4.    Selected literature in contrasting styles
5.    Introduction and reinforcement of posture and performance presence
6.    Interpretation of stylistic idioms
7.    Preparation and execution of various memorization practices when required
Assessment of Outcome Objectives   

o Lesson attendance
o Weekly lesson grades
o Final jury examination
o Quality of public performance
o Advancement to the succeeding level requires a faculty jury recommendation and a final grade for the term of C or higher.

SPECIAL NOTE: No credit can be received for an applied music course if the student misses 4 scheduled lessons.


o Successful performance in the next course of the four-semester sequence is reflected in the skills attained in each course.
o Advancement in the four-semester sequence is determined by the instructor, the jury committee, and the quality of course grade components.
Evaluation of performance exams and course grades:

o Determine placement in subsequent applied courses
o Prepares each student for applied audition and placement in senior institutions.
Last Revised: Aug. 10, 2011
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