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MUSC 1756

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Credit Hours   1   
Course Title   Jazz Ensemble   
Prerequisite(s)   None   
Corequisite(s)   None Specified   
Catalog Description   
The Ensemble is comprised of a group of students from the College and community residents, all selected through audition. Regular performances including the full range of jazz literature are held on and off campus. This course is not to be counted toward fulfillment of the Performance Organization requirement in area F for music majors. Evening rehearsals are required.

Expected Educational Results   
As a result of completing this course, the student will be able to:
A. Perform a variety of styles associated with jazz ensemble music, including:
1. Swing
2. Latin
a. Bossa Nova
b. Samba
3. Ballad
4. Funk
B. Interpret different jazz styles from written arrangement and compositions in the large jazz ensemble idiom with respect to:
1. Rhythmic interpretation
2. Melodic interpretation
3. Phrasing
C. Understand the role of each instrument and instrumental section as it applies to jazz ensemble performance, in particular the contrast between soloist and accompanist.
D. When applicable, understand jazz harmony and how it relates to improvisation through use of:
1. Scales, patterns, "licks."
2. Guide-tone melodies.
General Education Outcomes   
1. The student should have a better understanding of the forms and rhythms associated with jazz ensemble music.
2. The student should have enhanced knowledge of improvisation and the skills required to be a successful improviser, when applicable.
3. The student should have enough knowledge to successfully demonstrate a variety of jazz styles.
Course Content   
The topics itemized above shall constitute the minimum content of the course. The instructor is encouraged to add to this core content as needed.
Musical selections to be performed will be selected by the instructor with the instructor having the final say as to which pieces will be played.
Assessment of Outcome Objectives   

The course grade shall be based on the student's progress in developing the skills for effective jazz performance. These skills will be evaluated through in-class performance, tests and the semester performance. The student's attitude and rehearsal attendance will also be factored into the final grade.

This course will be assessed in the spring semester of each year. The Department Chair or Music Coordinator will be responsible for attending the semester performance. The person assessing the Jazz Ensemble performance will make note of the quality of the performance with regard to appearance, attitude, repertoire, and performing skills as applied to jazz ensemble music.
The departmental assessment will not necessarily have a bearing on the final grade of any student unless the Department Chair feels the performance did not achieve a standard of excellence with regard to the assessment goals listed above. In such case, the Department Chair will identify the student or students that did not meet the aforementioned level of excellence.
The departmental assessment of this course will be discussed with the course instructor in an effort to improve the quality of instruction offered by the course. Any recommendations shall be made to the course instructor with respect to performance goals previously listed.
Last Revised: Aug. 10, 2011
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