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NURS 0199

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Credit Hours 2
Course Title Nursing Dosage Calculations
Prerequisite(s) Exit or exemption from all Learning Support and ESL requirements and written permission of the department chair
Corequisite(s) None Specified
Catalog Description
This course utilizes critical thinking and pharmacological concepts to solve the many types of problems that may be encountered in the preparation of solutions and administration of medications. The course includes information that is essential to safe, accurate drug calculation in current clinical practice. Problems addressed will move from the simple to the complex. Dimensional analysis will be used to solve calculations.

Expected Educational Results
Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to meet the following objectives which are organized according to the NCLEX Blueprint.

I. Safe and Effective Care Environment
A. Safety and Infection Control
1. Apply principles of correct mathematical skills to safely calculate dosages of medications.

II. Physiological Integrity
A. Pharmacological and Parenteral Therapies
1. Explain the major systems of drug weight and volume measures including the metric, apothecaries and household units of measure.
2. Interpret common pharmacological abbreviations for drug measurements, dosages, routes, time and other related terms.
3. Demonstrate competence in computation of drug dosages to include dilution, reconstitution, breaking or other alteration. 4. Demonstrate proficiency in problem solving as it relates to preparation of solutions and administration of medication.

General Education Outcomes
None Specified

Course Content
None Specified

Assessment of Outcome Objectives
Students must fulfill all of the following course requirements and assignments in order to receive an “S” or satisfactory grade for the course. Failure to meet course requirements will result in a “U” or unsatisfactory grade for the course. All course assignments must be completed by the stated date. A midterm and final exam will be given on line. An average of 80 or better from the midterm and final is required to receive an “S”. See the GPC college and nursing student handbook for other general policies and information.

Pass/Fail Course Information: This is a pass/fail course. This means you get 2 hours of college credit, but the grade does not figure into your overall GPA.

COURSE EVALUATION METHODS (according to designated schedule):
1. Midterm and final exam

1. Midterm and Final=average of 80

Last Revised: Aug. 19, 2011
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