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NURS 2022

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Credit Hours 3
Course Title Health Topics II
Prerequisite(s) NURS 2922, NURS 2924, and NURS 2927, each with a "C" or better
Corequisite(s) None Specified
Catalog Description
This course will allow the second year nursing student to analyze a topic presented during the second year of the program. Topics may include: the relationship of language and culture, an in-depth analysis of a health care issue or disease, or a further exploration of a community or clinical issue impacting the profession of nursing.

Expected Educational Results
To successfully complete this course the student must be able to meet the following objectives.
  1. Safe Effective Care Environment
    1. Management of Care
      1. Perform a community assessment
      2. Examine the impact of culture on health behaviors
      3. Evaluate the influence of politics in communities with diverse population
      4. Understand how language barriers influence access to health care
      5. Discuss the nurse’s role as a change agent
General Education Outcomes
Learning Goal A1 (Communications)
Students enhance reading skills by researching literature, reading journal articles and web based articles as assigned. Communication skills, both verbal and written, are enhanced through group presentations and writing assignments.

Learning Goal III (Critical Thinking)
Students develop problem solving and critical thinking skills by working on individual and group research assignments.

Learning Goal A2 (Quantitative)
Students learn to use scientific inquiry by conducting research, evaluating data, and using data to formulate conclusions. Students apply interpreted data while completing required course assignments.

Learning Goal C (Humanities/Fine Arts/Ethics)
Students develop an understanding of how language and culture impact health behaviors and access to care by researching the literature, completing a community assessment and writing a formal paper.

Course Content
  1. The Community as a Client
  2. Cultural Competence in Nursing
  3. Diversity and Access to Health Care
  4. Politics and Health Care
  5. Strategies to Address Barriers to Access to Health Care
Assessment of Outcome Objectives
How Grades Will Be Determined:
Community Assessment Project = 40%
Barriers to Health Care Paper = 40%
Group Presentation = 10%
Class Participation = 10%
Total = 100%

The course grade will be based on participation in class, satisfactory completion of the Community Assessment Project, Group Presentation of data from the community project and satisfactory completion of the Barriers to Health Care Paper. The student will receive a grade of A, B, C, D or F.

This course will be assessed at the end of each semester that it is offered, and as needed throughout the year. Students will complete course and instructor evaluations, and results will be considered in making course revisions. All learning activities will be evaluated to assess their adequacy in helping students to meet course objectives. Recommendations for changes will be proposed to the Program Council (Nursing Curriculum Committee). Proposed recommendations will be implemented the next time the course is offered.

Last Revised: Sep. 09, 2011
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