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NURS 2926

This is an archive of the Common Course Outlines prior to fall 2011. The current Common Course Outlines can be found at   
Credit Hours   3   
Course Title   Professional Development   
Prerequisite(s)   N1930, Member of NSNA/GaPCANS, 2.5 or higher G.P.A.,  Recommendation by the Nursing Faculty.   
Corequisite(s)   None Specified   
Catalog Description   
Type of course:  Elective Service Learning

Catalog Description:
This course fosters development of essential competencies for successful socialization into the profession of nursing.  The competencies that the students acquire include but are not limited to application of critical thinking for problem solving; cooperation and professional communication with peers, faculty, and the community; facilitation of group process; and acceptance of responsibility for decisions.  By attaining these competencies, students enhance their own personal development as well as their socialization into the profession of nursing. Only members of the National Student Nurses’ Association (NSNA) and therefore, Georgia Perimeter College Association of Nursing Students (GaPCANS), are eligible to take this elective service learning course.  

Expected Educational Results   
By the end of this course, the student will:
1. Demonstrate leadership skills with a spirit of cooperation
2. Demonstrate socialization into the profession of nursing
3. Describe how personal development has been enhanced.
4. Utilize critical thinking to problem-solve situations.
5. Collaborate effectively with faculty and community.
6. Fulfill the responsibilities of GaPCANS office or membership, according to the bylaws.

Course Content (list of lectures topics and content)

Required Activities:
1. Attend board meetings and membership meetings.
2. Assist with organizing or participate in community service projects.
3. Collaborate with faculty to support and promote the nursing department.
4. Serve on a Nursing Department committee.
5. Participate in at least one nursing recruitment activity.
6. Attend a Georgia Nurses’ Association meeting.
7. Make a presentation on a current nursing issue.
8. Write a paper on personal philosophy of nursing.
9. Develop a professional portfolio

Other possible activities
1. Conduct meetings according to Parliamentary procedure.
2. Create and maintain website.
3. Publish quarterly newsletters.
4. Attend meetings of Council of State Presidents.
5. Attend Interclub Council Meetings.
6. Manage finances of GaPCANS.
7. Keep minutes of meetings.
8. Plan topics for membership meetings.
9. Participate in special events or community service projects. (ex. Fall picnic for new students, Nursing Career Fair, Honduras project, bake sales, Inner Harbor)
10. Attend at least one convention and serve as delegate (GANS State Convention, NSNA National Convention, or Midyear Convention).
11. Write a resolution to present at the GANS Convention.
12. Write article for Imprint.
13. Apply for chapter awards at Conventions.
14. Put together scrapbook for submission at state convention.
15. Serve as mentor to first year students.
16. Write letter to elected official.

General Education Outcomes   
None Specified
Course Content   
None Specified
Assessment of Outcome Objectives   
1. Course Grade
· Students must meet all the course objectives and requirements of Nurs2926 to pass the course.
· 100 % of required activities must be completed satisfactorily.
· Satisfactory completion of additional activities as determined by individual student and faculty advisor at the beginning of the semester.
· Students must meet with faculty advisor every two weeks to assess and evaluate progress toward meeting objectives.

2. Departmental Assessment
· This course will be assessed at the end of each semester that it is offered and as needed throughout the year.  Students will complete course and instructor evaluations and results will be considered in course revisions.  All learning activities will be evaluated to assess their adequacy in helping students to meet course objectives.  Recommendations for changes will be proposed to the Program Council (Nursing Curriculum Committee).  Proposed recommendations will be implemented the time the course is offered.

Rationale for course:

GaPCANS is the local chapter of the National Student Nurses Association, the student nurse professional organization.  Students who emerge as leaders in this organization greatly enhance their socialization into the profession of nursing.  Professional development is an objective of the

Department of Nursing and is emphasized from the first nursing class to the last.  The National Student Nurses’ Association has developed a program titled NSNA Leadership University- “giving credit where credit is due” for the purpose of giving academic credit to students for their leadership and development of professional competencies. It is designed so that the advisor and students at each school can develop their own course, which will be congruent with the objectives of the department and college.

The faculty of the GPC Department of Nursing would like to offer a course under the guidelines of NSNA’s Leadership University to give credit to the students who wish to emerge as leaders and therefore go above and beyond the required curriculum’s objectives of professional development.


This course would not require any additional resources.  

Last Revised: Aug. 10, 2011
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