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PHED 1070

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Credit Hours 1
Course Title Yoga/Pilates
Prerequisite(s) None
Corequisite(s) None Specified
Catalog Description
This course is designed to improve muscular strength, endurance, flexibility, posture, balance and relaxation techniques.  Students will gain a beginner understanding of yoga postures, benefits associated with yoga, and meditation.

Expected Educational Results
After completing this course, students will be able to:
1. Build a conscious awareness of breath, body position/action and mental activity.
2. Demonstrate a beginning knowledge of yoga positions and yoga theory as well as discuss the benefits associated with yoga.
3. Gain knowledge derived from the benefits of increasing their fitness/wellness level.
4. Be able to increase, flexibility, strength, and balance.
5. Know how to form a well rounded yoga class.
6. Learn how to relax the body.

General Education Outcomes
This course addresses General Education Outcome number nine “to apply the basic concepts of health and wellness and utilize activities to promote health and fitness”.

Course Content
1. Introduction to yoga
2. Introduction to pilates
3. Basic Anatomy
4. Eight Limbs of Yoga
5. Basic Posture Focus
6. Basic pilates beginner mat series
7. Surya Namaskar – Sun Salutation
8. Basic Sanskrit Terminology
9. Pranayama – basic Yogic Breathing
10. Guided Visualizations
11. Meditation

Assessment of Outcome Objectives
The course grade will be determined by written exams, demonstration of postures and an oral report. Grades are based on attendance and a written journal. When appropriate, opportunities for extra credit will be offered to students, the value of which to be determined by the instructor.
A common written final exam will be administered every five years. The test items will be directed to the expected educational results of the course. Additionally, common sport or fitness-related skill tests will be administered specific to the course. An item analysis will be completed on these test items administered.
A departmental committee will review the item analysis to determine 1) if the test questions were appropriate for assessing the desired educational outcomes, 2) if the level of student success was achieved, 3) if a revision of course instruction to enhance student achievement is needed, and 4) a specific time line for implementation of recommended changes.

Last Revised: Jun. 24, 2009
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