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RELI 1301H

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Credit Hours   3   
Course Title   World Religions (Honors)   
Prerequisite(s)   Acceptance into the Honors Program   
Corequisite(s)   None Specified   
Catalog Description   
Students examine the principal religions: Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam and their impact on society.
This course is RELI 1301 for honors students.

Expected Educational Results   
· Students will demonstrate an understanding of the historical development of the major religions in the world in relation to the cultures that produced them.
· Students will demonstrate an appreciation of the different religious experiences in the world
· Students will demonstrate the ability to analyze and synthesize the various religious movements and beliefs through the use of correlative reading, speakers, audio-visuals, and visits to local religious groups.
· Students will demonstrate the ability to understand his/her own relation to religion.

General Education Outcomes   
None Specified
Course Content   
This course will introduce the students to the major religious traditions, emphasizing but not limited to those religions originating in India, China and Japan, and the Middle East. While covering important historical events and figures, the course will emphasize the comparison of various religious traditions by exploring specific themes, which may include key doctrines, sacred scriptures, symbols and myth, ritual behavior, visions of ultimate reality, the problem of evil, religious experience and expression, and the possibilities of inter-religious conversation and understanding.

Tests and a final exam prepared by individual instructors will be used to determine part of the course grade. Each test and the final will require but are not limited to essay responses to questions designed for the demonstration of skills in analysis or synthesis.
An in-depth study of some aspect of the course content will also be required of each student. Assignments to satisfy this requirement are suggested below:
a. a conventional research paper of 8-10 pages.
b. three papers of about three pages each, some of which are research based, involving the student in different aspects of the course content.
c. two five-page interpretative papers based on intensive study and examination of primary sources, and perhaps incorporating secondary             sources.
d. an annotated bibliography on outside readings equivalent to the preceding paper assignments.
e. oral presentations of a research project.

Assessment of Outcome Objectives   
Assessment of Honors students will place an emphasis on high-level critical thinking, problem solving, and communication skills.

Tests, Homework, and Classroom Performance 30-50%

Writing Assignments and/or Projects 30-50%

Final Examination 20-30%


Every three years starting Fall semester 1998, students in all sections of Religion 1301 will respond to a prepared college assessment instrument, part objective and part essay.


o The results of the assessment instrument will be reviewed by the Religion 1301 and 1301H assessment committee.
o The student responses to the objective portion will be tabulated.
o The essay responses from randomly selected students will be read and evaluated by the committee.
o The results will be analyzed by the members of the committee and the results reported to the Humanities Division.
o The data collected will be used to discuss any implications for change in Religion 1301H.
o Any suggestions regarding change will be forwarded to the Humanities Curriculum Committee.

Last Revised: Aug. 12, 2011
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