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RSCH 1203

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Credit Hours 1
Course Title Research Strategies And Technologies
Prerequisite(s) None
Corequisite(s) None Specified
Catalog Description
Research Strategies and Technology is an introductory course developing the ability to find, evaluate and use relevant scholarly and professional literature in the humanities, physical, and social sciences effectively, efficiently, and ethically. The Research Strategies course involves developing the skills necessary to use specialized tools for finding digital information and developing the critical thinking skills needed in the digital information environment. Upon completion of this course, students are expected to have gained understanding of information searching techniques and evaluation skills.

Expected Educational Results
As a result of completing this course, the student will be able to:

1. Develop and apply strategies to effectively conduct a digital information search.

2. Understand the organization of digital information.

3. Effectively and efficiently select digital collections based on their characteristics and

4. Understand how to select digital search tools based on their effectiveness and

5. Select appropriate search strategies to effectively and efficiently locate reliable digital information related to their academic learning goal(s).

6. Evaluate the quality of a search result to determine the reliability of its content.

7. Evaluate the quality of a search result to determine the reliability of its source.

8. Ethically use digital information giving credit to the source and/or author for the
selected digital information through formatted citations and annotated bibliographies.

General Education Outcomes
This course addresses the general education outcome relating to digital literacy by teaching
research and critical thinking skills in relation to the use of online sources. Upon completion, in
order to develop research based papers and presentations, students are expected to have gained understanding of University System of Georgia online resources, as well as information
search techniques and evaluation skills.

Course Content
Students will develop digital literacy in the following ways:

A. Students will demonstrate proficiency by producing word documents, organizing
files, using presentation software, and communicating through email software.

B. Students will learn to construct an effective search using search engines.

C. Students will become conversant in the full range of databases available.

D. Students will learn to critically assess the validity of digital sources in order to become effective and ethical researchers.

E. Students will demonstrate research skills by using effective search techniques and by presenting bibliographic resources correctly using standard bibliographic form.

F. Students will demonstrate their competence of successful searching, evaluating, writing, and documenting research in a final project and/or final exam at the end of the course.

Assessment of Outcome Objectives
Satisfactory completion of all requirements will result in a grade of A. Satisfactory completion means accuracy in all aspects of a given assignment. Failure to complete any one of the requirements will result in a grade of F. An optional credit test is offered the first week of class. Students passing this comprehensive credit test with a minimum score of 90% will earn an A for RSCH 1203 and will not be required to attend classes.

This will be determined by the Research Strategies and Technology, RSCH 1203, Curriculum Committee.

Last Revised: May 12, 2011
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