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SPAN 1001

This is an archive of the Common Course Outlines prior to fall 2011. The current Common Course Outlines can be found at   
Credit Hours   3   
Course Title   Elementary Spanish I   
Prerequisite(s)   None   
Corequisite(s)   None Specified   
Catalog Description   
Fundamentals of pronunciation, conversation, intonation, and grammar are emphasized. Oral exercises varied reading materials, and simple compositions are used extensively to develop interest in and aptitude for acquiring progressive mastery of all aspects of the language: oral comprehension, speaking, reading, and writing. Reading selections provide an opportunity for learning the varied cultures of the Spanish-speaking world. This course is not open to native speakers, which includes anyone who used the language as his or her principal language of education.                                                                       
Expected Educational Results   
By the end of the semester, the student should be able to:

A. Use orally and in writing greetings and farewell expressions in Spanish.
B. Name the days of the week, the months, and the seasons of the year.
C. Give the date and time.
D. Identify objects, colors, family members, people and things, professions and occupations.
E. Ask and give personal information: name, address, age, telephone number, and marital status.
F. Produce meaningful sentences containing regular verbs in the present tense.
G. Produce meaningful sentences containing irregular verbs and stem changing verbs.
H. List vocabulary words and expressions related to family relationship and personal characteristics.
I. Compare ser and estar.
J. Tell weather expressions.
K. Form questions in Spanish.
L. Learn and use direct object nouns and pronouns.
M. Use present progressive tense in oral and written sentences.
N. Read short paragraphs containing vocabulary and grammatical constructions studied in this course and answer questions about them.

General Education Outcomes   
None Specified
Course Content   
A. The present tense
B. The present progressive tense
C. Nouns, adjectives, subject pronouns, direct object pronouns
D. Numbers (cardinal and ordinal)
E. Readings on culture, history, and geography of Latin American countries.

Assessment of Outcome Objectives   

The course grade will be computed as follows:

Major Exams……………….(% at Instructors discretion)
Participation………………..(% at Instructors discretion)
Final Exam…………………20-30%

The Foreign Language Department will ensure course content consistency and integrity through use of common final exams for all sections of Spanish taught in the college. These exams will be written jointly by those teaching Spanish following textbook guidelines for what the student should know at a given point.


The results of departmental finals will be the subject of professional development
discussions about implications for instructional improvement and curriculum

Last Revised: Oct. 24, 2011
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