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THEA 1553

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Credit Hours 1
Course Title Jazz Dance I
Prerequisite(s) None Specified
Corequisite(s) None Specified
Catalog Description
This course provides the foundation training necessary for the development of skilled proficiency in jazz dance. It consists of two studio hours one day per week.

Expected Educational Results
Upon successful completion of this course students will be able to:

1. Demonstrate the basic skills and steps of common social/ballroom dances.

2. Demonstrate proper social/ballroom dance alignment.

3. Apply basic social/ballroom dance terminology.

4. Demonstrate proper technique in leading and/or following a partner.

5. Perform footwork, rhythms, and basic patterns of common social/ballroom dances.

6. Count musical accompaniment for dances and identify rhythmical elements unique to each dance.

7. Discuss the historical origins of common ballroom dances.

8. Execute various ballroom dances in a social ballroom situation.

9. Apply elements of styling as appropriate for each social/ballroom dance.

10. Utilize proper ballroom dance protocol and etiquette.

General Education Outcomes
Apply and integrate knowledge of basic jazz dance vocabulary (movement vocabulary and terminology), techniques, styling, etiquette, and musicality in the performance basic jazz dance.

Course Content
Basic foundations of jazz dance for the performer, including:

1. Floor Warm‐up, Body Alignment

2. Technique Exercises

3. Centre Floor Combinations

4. Composition/Choreography

5. Performance/Audition Preparation

6. Viewing and Critiquing

Course Requirements

Specific assignments and procedures for evaluating student performance in this course will be described in the individual class syllabus, but will include the following:

1.Practice and demonstration of ballroom material presented in class (including verbalization of patterns and counts)

2. Ballroom dance practice in a social dance event setting

3. Performance Exams

4. Note‐taking in class when appropriate

5. Written exam

Assessment of Outcome Objectives

The course grade will be determined by written assignments, dance skills test and final dance project. When appropriate, opportunities for extra credit will be offered to students, the value of which to be determined by the instructor.

1. At least one written assignment is required. The written exam will be valued at no less than 20% and no more than 50% of the total grade.

2. Competencies must be demonstrated by students in dance‐related activities specific to the class. Dance‐related skills tests will be valued at no less than 35% and no more than 65% of the total grade.


Every five years an assessment recording will be made of the culminating dance routine in the class.


A theatre departmental committee will review the item analysis to determine

1) if the level of student success was achieved,

2) if a revision of course instruction to enhance student achievement is needed, and

4) a specific time line for implementation of recommended changes.

Last Revised: Jun. 08, 2011
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