Welcome to Mathematics, Science, Business and Physical Education website of GPC Alpharetta Campus, where courses prepare students for University transfer in pursuit of their continuing educational goals as well as successful careers in a variety of fields.

In addition, our course offerings allow even the most casual student an opportunity to pursue their personal learning goals in a welcoming atmosphere, facilitated by a faculty who draw from a wealth of both academic and professional experiences.

Business: We prepare students with the knowledge necessary to understand today’s business environment, and the technological skills business now requires. Courses are designed to be both broad in scope and rich in depth, so that our students are ready to continue their educations at a four-year school as well as being work-ready.

Mathematics: We offer a full spectrum of math courses from foundations to advanced calculus. As you transfer to a four-year program, the study of mathematics provides you with a competitive advantage in fields ranging from industrial design to economics to psychology. In the 21st century, understanding math is at the heart of participating in our technology-driven society.

Physical Education: We prepare students for transfer to four-year institutions with essential knowledge and skills necessary to promote a lifetime of health and wellbeing. In addition, students interested in pursuing careers in physical education, sports management, personal training or allied fields of study are provided a base of course offerings to advance those pursuits

Science: We offer courses (both lecture and lab) in astronomy, environmental science, geology, physics, chemistry, and anatomy to allow students to develop the processing, reasoning, and critical thinking abilities required in all areas of science . Not only do these essential skills prepare students to transfer to a four-year program, they also develop a scientifically literate citizen for the 21st century.

GPC Alpharetta Center has a Learning and Tutoring Center which offers Learning Support for select math classes, including a computer lab with numerous software programs for assisting in your success.   This Center offers free tutoring for all classes.

Please browse through this website to learn more about courses and instructors at GPC Alpharetta Campus.  The links to the left will take you to complete course listings and faculty profiles. We are continuing to grow and offer new courses – so please check back often!

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