The Art program at GPC teaches the foundations of visual art through drawing, design, and history to prepare students for careers as professional artists and continuing students. Graduates from the art program are highly successful in transferring to four-year institutions because of emphasis on portfolio preparation in all classes. The gallery and visiting artist program bring the students and the public in contact with art and artists from around the world, while exchange and study abroad programs offer students the opportunity to study in cultures with varied approaches to the visual arts.
Chinese Photo Exhibition

Chinese Contemporary Photography Exhibit


Boos, Cynthia - Dunwoody Campus

Bright-Ragland, Margee - Art Coordinator - Clarkston Campus

Koffman, David - Chair, Clarkston Campus

Koonce, Val - GPC Online

Mosier, Phillip - Decatur Campus

Paterek, Jolanta - Newton Campus

Paul, Claire - Dunwoody Campus

Phillips, Charles - Dunwoody Campus

Rochaix, Fernando - Decatur Campus


Boyd, Keisha - Clarkston Campus

Brennan, Lorraine - Clarkston Campus

Chuzi, Josh - Dunwoody Campus

Dougan, Don - Clarkson Campus

Gatcombe, Rosalyn - Dunwoody Campus

Hidalgo, Carlos - Alpharetta Center

Holmberg, Maureen - Clarkston Campus

Lasker, David - Clarkston Campus

Lawrence, Carole - Clarkston Campus

Stewart, Ann - GPC Online

Strother, Dora - Clarkston Campus

Strother, Robert - Clarkston Campus


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Associate of Arts

Associate of Sciences

Common Course Outlines for ARTS