Georgia Perimeter College/Regents' Engineering
Transfer Curriculum (GPC/RETP)
To Georgia Institute of Technology

Qualified students seeking a bachelor of engineering degree may study at Georgia Perimeter College with the Regents Engineering Transfer curriculum. Upon successful completion of the GPC/RETP engineering curriculum described on the next page, students will be admitted to the Georgia Institute of Technology to complete the requirements for a baccalaureate engineering degree. It is expected that students on this track, like other Georgia Tech graduates, will normally require four to five and one-half years to complete the degree requirements, depending on their pre-college preparation, involvement in extra-curricular activities, and engineering major.

Georgia Perimeter College faculty and adminstration work closely with Georgia Tech's faculty to assure a curriculum which is well-coordinated with both GPC and Georgia Tech. Once in every spring term students will visit the Georgia Tech campus and meet with advisors of their anticipated major.

Students applying to GPC and who seek admission to Georgia Tech under RETP have the following requirements
  1. Completion of Application form of GPC-RETP
  2. Completion of all courses in the GPC/RETP curriculum (four groups shown on the next page) with a GPA of at least 2.7 or higher for Georgia state residents; 3.0 for out of state residents and 3.5 for international students
  3. Recommendation of the RETP coordinator at GPC and
  4. Submission of application materials to Georgia Tech
Admission to Georgia Tech is guaranteed.

The major at Georgia Tech is at the discretion of Georgia Tech, RETP coordinator in consultation with students.

Those students admitted to GPC and who satisfactorily complete the GPC/RETP engineering curriculum, are also encouraged to earn an associate degree at GPC as indicated on the next page. This would take an additional 18- 20 credit hours of course work. They are also eligible to transfer to any senior engineering school nationwide.

Contact Prof. Anant G. Honkan, at, 678-891-3722 (office H-3271)