Clarkston Campus Business and Social Science Department

History & Politics Club

This organization, known as the Georgia Perimeter College History and Politics Club, is established for the purpose of exploring and understanding current events and their historical roots. The HAP Club will seek to enhance the geo-political literacy of the club members and the college community at large."


> To provide a forum for all interested students, faculty, and staff to discuss contemporary political issues.

> To encourage participants to understand historical antecedents to those contemporary political issues.

> To make available and to disseminate timely and useful information on the issues and their antecedents.

> To provide information on academic programs, internships, and employment opportunities in Political Science and History."

For more information contact:

Robert King        678-891-3373    CB3373

Marc Zayac        678-891-3289    CB3289

Last Updated:  August 4, 2010