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Online Resources
Here is a collection of Online Resources by Subject Area.  This list is NOT exhaustive, but is a great start for incorporating stimulating (online) exercises into your teaching.  If you have a suggestion of a site not listed here, please send it to me at and I'll add it.  Bookmark this page to keep checking for new additions!

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These sites are not maintained by the GPC CTL and the CTL  is not responsible for their upkeep or any information found there.

Launched on July 12 in conjunction with the revised edition of the Concise Oxford Dictionary, this site offers an array of resources to help visitors make the best use of the English langauge. ... 

Lewis Carroll Home Page
Born Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, Lewis Carroll began his writing career writing lines of verse and is best remembered today as the author of Jabberwocky and, of course, Alice's Adventures in W... 

Google Language Tools
This page full of language tools, developed by Google, will be most helpful to persons looking to translate short passages of text or entire Web pages. First, the page provides an engine that allows u... 

Middle English Compendium
The Humanities Text Initiative (HTI) of the University of Michigan has created a virtually seamless connection between three important Middle English resources: the Electronic Middle English Dictionar... 

NCTE Readers Club
The US National Council of Teachers of English provides this site, which is a web interface to its Readclub-l mailing list. Readclub-l is a general mailing list about books and reading. The selection ... 

History of the English Language
This frequently updated site provides a directory of quality sites related to the historical study of English. The sites are categorized by historical periods with sections on syllabi and conferences ...  Online Directory of ESL Resources
A boon to teachers of English as a Second Language (ESL), this database of ESL-related educational resources comes from the National Clearinghouse for Bilingual Education and the ERIC Clearinghouse on... 

Concordances of Great Books
Beneath the no-nonsense text frontpage of this site lies a powerful and extremely useful tool for literature scholars and students. Created by Bill Williams, the Concordances of Great Books site featu... 

World Wide Words: Exploring the English Language
Created by Michael Quinion, a freelance wordsmith and researcher into new words for Oxford Dictionaries, this site focuses on the history of the English language and the development of new words. Each... 

John Donne
Friend of both Izaak Walton and Ben Jonson, John Donne was the most famous of the metaphysical poets of the 17th century, a group that included George Herbert and Henry Vaughan. Placing a premium on i... 

Since 1990, the English Server (originally at Carnegie Mellon University) has been a cooperative dedicated to electronic distribution of texts in many disciplines. The collections center around topics... 

WordNet: A Lexical Database for English
WordNet is a powerful lexical reference system that combines aspects of dictionaries and thesauri with current psycholinguistic theories of human lexical memory. It is produced by the Cognitive Scienc...
Created by award-winning English as a Second Language (ESL) teacher Judie Haynes and Web designer Chas Haynes, this attractive site is a nice resource for any teacher with second language students. Th... 

Boggle's World: ESL Teacher Resources and Worksheets
Boggle's World is an enriching resource site for elementary and middle school English, English as a Second Language (ESL), and English as a Foreign Language (EFL) teachers. Maintained by ESL teachers ... 

Bartleby Verse: American and English Poetry, 1250-1920
The New Bartleby Library has added the texts of five additional poetry anthologies covering American and English poetry, 1250-1920, to its Verse page, which previously hosted The Oxford Book of Eng... 

Cambridge History of English and American Literature: An Encyclopedia in Eighteen Volumes
This week, (last reviewed in the December 10, 1999 Scout Report) announced the online publication of all eighteen volumes of the classic Cambridge History of English and America... 

Oxford English Dictionary Online
On Tuesday, the Oxford University Press placed the world's most famous dictionary, the OED, on the Web. Individual and institutional subscribers will now have online access to what is indisputa... 

The Chronicles of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
While Sir Arthur Conan Doyle might not have invented the detective story, certainly his numerous works devoted to the sophisticated observations and deductions of Sherlock Holmes and his companion Joh... 

The Swinburne Project
Best known for his fine use of meter and eccentric personality, Algernon Charles Swinburne was one of the best-known poets of Victorian-era England. Edited by John Walsh of Indiana University, the Swi... 

The Internet Classics Archive
The Internet Classics Archive has recently been extensively updated and more than doubled in size. This premier classical literature resource now offers 375 works by 30 classical authors, in English... 

Latin Phrases and Words Used in English
This site is for anyone who wants a quick reference to those oft used, but not always understood Latin words and phrases. The definitions from over fifty commonly used terms are taken from the Merriam... 

The English Emblem Book Project
The Penn State University Libraries have placed online nine emblem books printed in Early Modern England. These scanned versions of the complete texts provide scholars with "an unparalleled source not... 

Introduction to Traditional Grammar

Web Concordances and Workbooks

Guide to Grammar and Writing
Charles Darling, Professor of English/Humanities at Capital Community-Technical College (Hartford, Connecticut), provides this site, a compendium of English grammar, usage, and writing information at ... 

Romantic Circles
Romantic Circles, edited by three professors of English a the University of Maryland, Delaware, and Loyola University (Chicago), along with a graduate student at the University of California, Santa Ba... 

A Dictionary of Sensibility
The language of sensibility in eighteenth-century Europe encompassed a number of interconnected vocabularies and offered manifold and varied meanings to terms such as virtue, imagination, sublime, cha... 

Renascence Editions
This Website from the University of Oregon offers an alphabetically indexed collection of electronic editions of works printed in English from 1477 to 1799. Of course, this is not a comprehensive coll... 

Polyglot Paleontologist
Matthew Carrano, a Postdoctoral Associate in Anatomy at SUNY-Stonybrook, has created this site as a "sort of clearinghouse for English translations of non-English paleontological papers. It serves as ... 

Race and Ethnicity
The English Server at the University of Washington (see the December 12, 1996 Scout Report) consists of reference material, essays, fiction and non-fiction books, and other resources "addressin... 

Created and maintained by Gerard NeCastro, Assistant Professor of English at the University of Maine at Machias, this site contains several resources useful to students and instructors studying Chauce... 

CELT: All Texts by Oscar Wilde
CELT, located at University College Cork, has placed online the complete works of Oscar Wilde, including poems, novels, stories, and lectures. CELT, an "online database of contemporary and historical ... 

The considerable virtue of this site as a learning resource lies mainly in Reuben's online project entitled PAL: Perspectives in American Literature. This review of American literary history offers pr... 

The Holy Bible, King James Version: Old and New Testaments, with the Apocrapha
This Website from the Electronic Text Center at the University of Virginia offers a complete, browseable, online version of the King James Bible, including all the texts of the apocrypha. Users may se... 

The Oxford Shakespeare (see the March 24, 2000 Scout Report) has recently placed this new work online. Described as "the most authoritative Shakespeare freely available on the Internet," the site is an e... 

Nineteenth Century Children's Literature
This database, maintained by the publishing house of Chadwyck-Healey, Ltd., provides searchable records of the British Library's Children's Literature collection, which contains 2,369 titles on 5,527 ... 

The English Room
Created by Marcia Rogers, a middle and high school educator and poet, this site offers lesson plans and teacher guides in five basic categories: 30 Days of Poetry, Literature, Research Using Technolog... 

The Chicago Manual of Style FAQ
Wondering where to break a URL at the end of line, whether the ban on splitting infinitives still stands, or how many spaces to put after a period? The answers are here. While certainly not a comprehe... 

The Glossarist
This comprehensive directory offers one-stop glossary shopping, with over 4,500 glossaries, 679 of which have been cataloged into 130 categories. Visitors may search the directory by keyword or browse... 

Perseus Greek and Latin Vocabulary Tool
The Perseus Digital Library of Tufts University (first discussed in the October 17, 1997 Scout Report) has just introduced the Perseus Vocabulary Tool, intended to help users of texts in the Pe... 

English-Russian Verb Reference System
Produced by native Russian and English speakers, the Verbioso English-Russian Verb Reference System is a useful tool for students and professionals studying the Russian language. Designed specifically... 

OneLook Dictionaries
"A search engine for words," OneLook Dictionaries contains over 4 million words indexed in more than 700 online dictionaries. Whether you’re looking for a definition or translation, OneLook will provi... 

Online Etymology Dictionary
In the tradition of that great lover of words, Samuel Johnson, Douglas Harper (an amateur etymologist) has compiled one of the first free online etymology dictionaries. The etymologies are compiled in... 

The Oxford Book of English Verse
The Bartleby Library at Columbia University has added the 1919 edition of The Oxford Book of English Verse to its online offerings. The entire text of the 1084-page original, edited by Sir Arth... 

ECOMP-L: College English Composition mailing list
ECOMP-L is an open, unmoderated discussion list related to the teaching and learning of college English Composition. Any discussions/announcements related to college English Composition theory and ped... 

Advanced Placement English discussion list
The aim of the Advanced Placement English (AP-EngLit) forum is to encourage discussion of teaching methods and to share curriculum through the exchange of ideas between professionals in the secondary ... 

English Literature and Religion: A Bibliography in Progress
Created by William S. Peterson, English Professor at University of Maryland at College Park, this site hosts a bibliographical database of over 4,000 writings by and about "English figures of literar... 

Medieval English Urban History
A labor of love for its author, Stephen Alsford (Special Projects Officer at the Canadian Museum of Civilization), this site promises to be a reliable source for well written and researched articles o... 

The Internet Grammar of English
Written and designed for undergraduate students, the Internet Grammar of English (IGE) explains the functions and relations of word classes in English sentences, in order to teach readers the principl... 

Business English Online
This wide and varying index covers all matters of business language. Business English Online links to sites that help users with their language in business presentations, multi-lingual assistance, and... 

Southern Mosaic: The John and Ruby Lomax 1939 Southern States Recording Trip
This site, developed by the American Memory Project at the Library of Congress, draws on the voluminous collection of recordings made by John and Ruby Lomax on their three-month trip across the Americ... 

Shakespeare: Subject to Change
Developed to show the potential use of broadband cable in the classroom, this demonstration project from the Cable in the Classroom group details how the words of the immortal bard have been transform... 

The Robert Louis Stevenson Web Site
Perhaps best known for his novels "Treasure Island" and "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde," Robert Louis Stevenson receives a fine tribute on this site, which serves both as a compendium of links, and as a nic... 

The Problem of Meaning in Literature: A Brief Introduction for My Year 1 Students by Professor John Lye
John Lye, a professor in the Departments of English and Communication Studies at Brock University (Canada), offers this resource designed for beginning literature students. The Problem of Meaning disc... 

The Affirmative Action and Diversity Project: A Web Page for Research
Created and maintained by Carl Gutierrez-Jones, Associate Professor of English at University of California Santa Barbara, this site is designed as an academic resource on affirmative action and divers... 

The Federal Impeachment Process: A Bibliographic Guide to English and American Precedence, Historical and Procedural Development, and Scholarly Commentary
In 1998, the term "impeachment" worked its way into public discourse. This document--published by the Cornell Law Library, first written in 1974 by Thomas C. Kingsley and updated in 1998 by Joseph Luk... 

In Plain English: Making Sense of the Federal Reserve
Provided by the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, this introduction to the Federal Reserve System includes easy-to-understand text and interactive illustrations. As readers pass their cursors over th... 

Netscape Archived Client Products: 4.7 English Netscape Communicator

The Directory of Canadian Adult Literacy Research in English
The Center for Research on Literacy at the University of Alberta has developed this database in partnership with the National Literacy Secretariat of Canada. The database contains cataloged descriptio... 

(Inter)disciplining Chinese Women: An Introduction to the English Language Literature on Women's Studies in China
Recently posted by the University of Wisconsin Libraries, this bibliographic essay offers an introduction to the issues of Women's Studies in China, a timeline describing important dates in the histor... 

American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language
Bartleby's latest offering is the Fourth Edition of the American Heritage Dictionary. The online dictionary contains over 90,000 entries, 70,000 audio word pronunciations (.wav format), 900 ful... 

Little Gidding: English Spiritual Traditions
Taking its name from a little known Anglican religious community in England that existed prior to the Reformation and that combined elements of both Protestant and Catholic beliefs, this Website prese... 

Critical Reading: A Guide
John Lye, a professor in the Departments of English and Communication Studies at Brock University (Canada), offers this resource designed for beginning literature students. Critical Guide contains sec... 

The Literature and Culture of the American 1950s
Created by Professor Al Filreis as an accompaniment to his course at the University of Pennsylvania, this site is valuable both as a teaching resource and as an excellent collection of 1950s literatur... 

Bible Browser
The Bible Browser, provided by Richard Goerwitz of the University of Chicago, is a powerful search tool that lets you search passages, words, or word parts of any of three (in basic mode) or eight (in... 

Romantic Chronology
A history of the romantic period unfolds at this site created by Allen Liu of the University of California, Santa Barbara and Laura Mandell of Miami University of Ohio. Intended as a university-level ... 

The Elements of Style
The Bartelby Project. Strunk's work includes sections on Elementary Rules of Usage, Elementary Rules ... 

Benjamin Franklin: A Documentary History
As part of the compilation of source documentation for a planned biography of Benjamin Franklin, J.A. Leo LeMay, Professor of Colonial American Literature at the University of Delaware, has made this ... 

TeacherServe From the National Humanities Center
TeacherServe is a new "interactive curriculum enrichment service" for high school English and History teachers provided by the National Humanities Center. The purpose of the site is to allow teachers ...
This site contains pointers to dictionaries in over 130 languages, many of them bilingual (English and the language of the dictionary). Included are "artificial" languages such as Esperanto and three... 

Literature, Cognition and the Brain
This site, part of the Humanities, Sciences and the Arts Website, explores the connections between the latest cognitive and neurological research and the experience of literature. Literature, Cognitio... 

The Samuel Johnson Sound Bite Page
Offering "the most comprehensive collection of Samuel Johnson quotes on the web," this site has over 900 sound-bite sized -- well, eighteenth-century sound-bite sized -- quotations from this recognize... 

American Collection: Educator's Site
This unusually rich companion Website has been posted in advance of the broadcast of the series, American Collection, a PBS special event presenting nine films based on the works of major American aut... 

100 or so Books that shaped a Century of Science
Presented by American Scientist and compiled by Philip and Phylis Morrison, this site lists approximately 100 books that readers, reviewers, and editorial staff at the magazine felt were "memor... 

John Milton Reading Room
A collaborative project between Thomas Luxon, associate professor of English at Dartmouth College, and his students, the Milton Reading Room offers most of Milton's major poetry in English, including ... 

My Hideous Progeny: Mary Shelley's Frankenstein
This Website, part of a Master's thesis project in English literature that focused on Information Sciences, offers an electronic version of the original 1831 edition of Shelley's Frankenstein. ... An Annotated Guide to Online Resources
Geoffrey Chaucer -- courtier, diplomat, and poet -- is arguably one of the most important figures in English literature. His philosophically profound, yet at times bawdy, body of work represents true ... 

Palinurus: The Academy and the Corporation: Teaching the Humanities in a Restructured World
This pilot site, maintained by Professor Alan Liu of the University of California-Santa Barbara, author of the Voice of the Shuttle site (described in the Scout Report for May 30, 1997), was created b... 

The Complete Works of Christopher Marlowe: An Electronic Edition
This scholarly site from the Perseus Project at Tufts University (see the October 17, 1997 Scout Report) features editions of "all of Marlowe's plays, his two known poetic works, Hero and Leand... 

The heart of this "web guide for readers, students, and teachers of English literature" is its Web Index of 19th Century English Literature that gives briefly annotated links to Websites, critical and... 

Chaucer Metapage
Compiled by over a dozen scholars of Medieval English literature, this Website serves as a fine supplement to students (and teachers) studying the works of Geoffrey Chaucer. The best feature of the si... 

At this Website, the CHILDE project presents well over 1,000 images from children's books from six collections in England, Ireland, the Netherlands, and Germany. Most of the books were published befor... 

The Geoffrey Chaucer Website
Chaucer is widely understood to be the father of English literature; though before he composed the Canterbury Tales (his most famous work), he was best known as a writer of poems of love. The G... 

SCORE Language Arts
SCORE, a cooperative project of the California County Superintendent's Educational Services Association, has made K-12 teacher and student resources in four major subject areas available at sites in H... 

Two Five Three or Tube Theatre: A Novel for the Internet About London Underground in Seven Cars and a Crash
Geoff Ryman, a science fiction writer, offers this experimental fiction to web surfers looking for something with a little literary elan. Working from the fact that a seven-car train on the Bakerloo l... 

Online Writing Center: Reference Materials
Provided by the Center for Research on Writing and Communication Technologies at CSU, this site contains concise, bite-sized chunks of information on seven topics related to critical writing. Included... 

All-in-One Biblical Resources Search
Designed and maintained by Dr. Mark Goodacre of the University of Birmingham, creator of the New Testament Gateway (reviewed in the October 19, 1999 Scout Report for Social Sciences), this new ... 

The Online Medieval and Classical Library (OMACL)
The Berkeley Digital Library SunSITE offers The Online Medieval and Classical Library. "The purpose is to provide a free and easy way for the average computer user to access some of the most important... 

The Richard III and Yorkist History Server
Ricardians of all levels of knowledge and experience will find something of interest at this site devoted to the study of Richard III in history and literature, sponsored by the American Branch of the... 

Originally the multilingual terminological database of the European Commission's Translation Service, Eurodicautom has been placed online and made available to the general public. The database contain... 

Shakespeare's Globe
Dedicated to the remarkable resurrection of the Globe Theatre completed in 1997, this site, sponsored by the University of Reading in the UK, provides history and background on both the original Globe... 

Great Literature Online
This site, hosted by the Brothers Heuss (no further information could be gleaned about these fellows), currently offers online editions of texts and secondary materials for seventeen writers, with mor... 

Dictionary of Phrase and Fable (see the March 24, 2000 Scout Report) has recently placed this new work online. It is E. Cobham Brewer's 1898 Dictionary of Phrase and Fable, a collection of more than 18,0... 

The Quarterly Review Project
Created by Jonathan Cutmore, this site is an excellent resource for students and scholars of early nineteenth-century British literature and history. The site chronicles the early years of the Quar...
Maintained as a labor of love since 1994 by Chris Redmond, a Director of Internal Communications at the University of Waterloo, this venerable yet active metasite offers comprehensive links to everyth... 

The Five Paragraph Essay
This Website provides thorough and easy-to-follow instructions for creating an organized five paragraph essay for the junior high school level. The Website presents guidance on brainstorming, drafting... 

Created by Chris Knight the basic idea behind the Exploding Dictionary "was to take a set of publicly available dictionaries, index them into a SQL database, and then cross-reference them to near deat... 


Business 2.0 Web Guide
According to one of its own brochures, "Business 2.0 is the essential tool for navigating today's relentlessly changing marketplace, particularly as it's driven by the Internet and other technologies.... 

United States Small Business Administration
Since 1953, the Small Business Administration has delivered tens of thousands of different services to Americans that include assistance with starting a small business or keeping an existing small bus... 

Business Administration and Computer Science at Georgia Perimeter College

United States Small Business Administration
The US Small Business Administration (SBA) was established by the federal government to provide assistance to small businesses. There is much useful information here on how to start a business. Resour... 

The Minority Business Challenge: Democratizing Capital for Emerging Domestic Markets
Produced by the Milken Institute under the direction of the US Commerce Department Minority Business Development Agency (MBDA), this 62-page report finds that minority entrepreneurs are receiving only... 

OPEN: The Small Business Network from American Express
The aim of the American Express Small Business Exchange is to "provide small business owners with valuable information and resources on learning how to start, effectively manage, and expand their smal... 

Characteristics of Business Owners Survey
The Census Bureau has released the results of the 1992 Characteristics of Business Owners Survey (CBO). These results provide data for comparing the "selected economic, demographic, and sociological c... 

Forbes Small Business
Forbes_ magazine presents this online version of its new Entrepreneurs section. It includes relevant articles from the magazine, access to searchable and browseable databases of the 200 Best Small Co... 

Business Week Frontier Online: The Small Business Resource
Created by Business Week magazine, Business Week Frontier is a new resource center for small business owners. The News Center covers current issues from the perspective of small business owners... 

ZDNet Small Business Advisor
ZDNet Small Business Advisor was developed by Ziff-Davis, a publisher of computer magazines. The site seeks to provide "current and aspiring small business owners with all the information they need to... 

Redneck Tech: The 'Deep South' Guide to High Tech Business Incubation and Entrepreneurship
Created and maintained by Benjamin C. Powell, a PhD student at Wharton School's Department of Management at the University of Pennsylvania, this Website offers a concise collection of resources about ... 

Institute for Business and Professional Ethics (IBPE)

The Institute for Business and Professional Ethics is based in DePaul University. It aims to "foster ethical behavior" by "teaching and training individuals to think before they act." The site contain... 

Women's Business Center
Combining the resources of the US Small Business Administration (SBA), several major corporate sponsorships, including IBM and GTE, and more than 60 SBA-affiliated women's resource centers nation-wide... 

Fortune Small Business
The FSB web site provides material from FSB magazine, which targets small business owners. The site contains regular legislative updates of interest to small business owners, articles on the la... 

BizProWeb: Resources for Small Business Owners, Professionals, and Home-Office Entrepreneurs
BizProWeb was designed to connect small business owners, professionals and home office entrepreneurs to Internet resources that will help them with their business. The site is divided into Picks of th... 

Hispanic Business
The online counterpart to the print magazine Hispanic Business, this straightforward site features a daily news feed of articles of interest to the Hispanic business community. Also available h... 

Foster Business Library: Business Resources on the Web
Biographical databases, calculators, geographic information, Web tools, and consumer information are just a few of the categories of links found at the University of Washington's Foster Business Libra... 

Survey of Small Business Finances
The Federal Reserve Board has compiled information on American small businesses, defined as businesses with fewer than 500 employees. The National Survey of Small Business Finances (NSSBF) includes su... 

New York State Small Business Development Center
A product of the Small Business Development Center National Research Center (SBDC), Information for Entrepreneurs is a metalist list of SBDC Internet favorites of interest to small business owners. Th... 

Reports to the Congress on Markets for Small-Business- and Commercial-Mortgage-Related Securities, September 2000
This 36-page report from the FRB BOG considers the "structure and operation of the markets for securitized loans and commercial mortgages and the availability of credit for business enterprises." In c... 

This Week in Business
PBS, in association with Business Week magazine, provides this site, as a companion to the weekly show broadcast by WETA TV in Washington, DC. Each show features a roundtable discussion of pert... 

Ethical Business: The Search for Research
ELDIS, the Electronic Development and Environment Information System, (described in the October 9, 1997 Scout Report for Business & Economics) provides this "selection of useful materials" on ethical ... 

Small Business State Profiles
The Office of Advocacy of the US Small Business Administration (discussed in the September 25, 1997 Scout Report for Business & Economics) profiles small businesses in all states for 1995-1997 and sm... 

Center for Business Innovation
The Center for Business Innovation contains publications lists of research, and an events calendar. 

ABC Directory of UK Business and Management Courses
A joint project of the Association of Business Schools and Biz/ed, this site is an online directory of business and management courses for undergraduates and postgraduates in the UK. Visitors may brow... 

Mondaq Business Briefing
Mondaq Business Briefing is maintained by Business Briefing Publishing Ltd. as a service aimed at "professionals and business people involved in international trade and investment." The site provides ... 

New York Times: Business
The New York Times has redesigned the business section on its web site; it features the latest business news and updates from the stock market. A Business Briefcase section has now been added; ...

Beyond Grey Pinstripes
Sponsored by the World Resources Institute (WRI) and the Initiative for Social Innovation through Business (ISIB), the Beyond Grey Pinstripes report identifies MBA programs in the US that include envi... 

American Business Language Web Site
Designed to illuminate the ever-changing vocabulary of American business people, the American Business Jargon homepage is the electronic home to Understanding American Business Jargon: A Dictionary... 

GlobalEDGE: International Business Resource Desk
Hosted by Michigan State University, this page of the GlobalEDGE Web site provides detailed insights into the history, culture, government, and economy of nearly 200 countries around the world. An imp... 

Guides @
This site from (last mentioned in the April 6, 2000 Scout Report for Business & Economics), offers an impressive collection of articles dealing with the many varied aspects of building and... 

Business Ethics Resources on WWW
From the University of British Columbia's Centre for Applied Ethics, this extensive catalog of business ethics resources is divided into eight sections including Public Sector Ethics, Publications, Co... 

IBM Archives
IBM is one of the most recognizable names in the computer industry, with a history that spans over a century. The IBM Archives is an online repository of information that tells the story of how the co... 

Smart Business Supersite (SBS)
Smart Business Supersite provides "how-to" business information. This site houses a large, searchable database of business-related articles that are organized into general categories such as franchisi... 

The MBA Page
The Fisher College of Business at Ohio State University presents the MBA Page as a resource place for MBA students. The site provides links to other great MBA-related places on the Internet including ... 

TopTech: AICPA
Information technology (IT) is one of the most critical aspects to a business's success. This Web site outlines some of the hot topics that define the current state of IT. While the material is geared... 

The Umbrella Project
The Umbrella Project is an organization founded by recent college graduates that addresses the problems and concerns of other young entrepreneurs "just getting started." The authors draw on their own ... 

Planet Business
The directory Planet Business aims to provide a "great gateway between Africa, America, Asia, Europe and Oceania." Business metasites from around the world are listed in an A-Z index and by region, an... 

Official MBA Guide: A Comprehensive Source of MBA Program Information
The Official MBA Guide is provided by Unicorn Research Corporation. It aims to be a "comprehensive source of MBA program information for prospective MBA students." The site contains an online database... 

Web100: Big Business on the Web
This site indexes only "the largest American and international companies on the Web," with links to homepages, five-year income profiles, stock quotes, Hoover company capsules, and reviews from the Do... 


United States General Accounting Office (GAO)
The U.S. General Accounting Office, (GAO) the Congressional Watchdog agency, now has a Web page providing information on how to search and retrieve the full text of GAO reports, subscribe to a mailin... 

Mini-Cases from Lockheed Martin

ACC 681: Analysis and Design of Accounting Systems
Jagdish S. Gangolly, School of Business, SUNY Albany, introduces students to the analysis, design, and implementation of accounting systems in ACC 681. Syllabi and calendars are provided in addition... 

ACC 682: Analysis and Design of Accounting Databases
Jagdish S. Gangolly, School of Business, SUNY Albany, introduces students to the theoretical foundations of database management systems in ACC 682. Syllabi and calendars are provided in addition to s... 

Subscribe to GAO E-Mail Alerts
The U.S. General Accounting Office, Congress' Watchdog agency, now has a mailing list service for a daily electronic posting of the General Accounting Office (GAO) Daybook. The GAO Daybook is the dai... 

Great Ideas for Teaching Accounting
Allows accounting professors the opportunity to share their teaching techniques. The teaching tips contribut... 

Year 2000 Computing Crisis: General Accounting Office (GAO) Reports and Other GAO Publications
This Website offers General Accounting Office (GAO) reports and testimonies from the last three years on the Y2K problem as it affects government agencies, distribution of benefits, business operation... 

Accounting Resources on the Internet
Accounting Resources on the Internet, provided by Rutgers University, provides one-stop shopping for accounting resources. Here, interested Internauts can find information on the accounting firms, lin... 

AccountingStudents is a new resource center for accounting students by AccountingNet (discussed in the June 18, 1998 Scout Report for Business & Economics). Tips on taking the CPA exam, campus intervi... 

Analyse Sales Data with Excel Pivot Tables
Accounting Web's follow-up to David Carter's popular tutorial, Budgeting With Pivot Tables (reviewed in the January 27, 2000 Scout Report for Business and Economics), provides step-by-step inst... 

The Emanuel Saxe Distinguished Lectures in Accounting
From the Stan Ross Department of Accountancy at Baruch College of the City University of New York, the Emanuel Saxe Distinguished Lectures in Accounting, a series of public lectures, are in the proces... 

The Internet and Distance Learning in Accounting Education: A Hypertext-linked Exploration of the Topic
This new discussion paper from the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC) Education Committee addresses issues of quality assurance in Internet and distance education with the hope that the pu... 

Accounting Education
Featuring daily accounting news updates, Accounting Education is a British online resource for academic accountants. Interested users may register for the free weekly news wire or read daily updates d...  

Alcie: The Accounting Students' Friend

Electronic Accountant
The Electronic Accountant site bills itself as the "accountant's web magazine and resource guide." It is developed by Faulkner and Gray, a business publisher. The site features accounting news stories... 


WebEc: World Wide Web Resources in Economics
WebEc is " effort to categorize free information in economics on the WWW." Bill Goffe, author of Resources for Economists on the Internet (discussed in the May 31, 1996 Scout Report) notes WebEc ... 

Web Site for Agent-Based Computational Economics (ACE)
Leigh Tesfatsion, Professor of Economics and Mathematics at the Department of Economics, Iowa State University, has developed this site for agent-based computational economics (ACE). Visitors can find...

The EconEdLink site was created by the National Council on Economic Education in partnership with MCI. The aim of the site is to create "a portfolio of web sites offering rich academic content" that c... 

CTI Economics
The Computers in Teaching Initiative (CTI) Centre for Economics is housed at the Institute for Learning and Research Technology at the University of Bristol. The aim of this site is to promote the use... 

Economics 441: Urban and Regional Economics
James R. Follain, Professor of Economics at Syracuse University, has developed class pages for five courses on economics. Economics 441 examines the major problems in the field of urban and regional ... 

International Health Economics Association (iHEA)
The International Health Economics Association (iHEA) is devoted to increasing "communication among health economists." The web site provides information about the association and a searchable directo... 

ArgMax: Economics News, Data, and Analysis
Created by John Irons, an assistant professor of economics at Amherst, the ArgMax Web site (named after a mathematical terms utilized in economics) provides a host of current news, data, and topical a... 

ECON 307: History of Economic Thought
Instructor M. Rutherford provides course material on the history of economic thought as well "useful information for economists" at this University of Victoria, Canada site. A well-organized metapage ... 

Victorian Economics: An Overview
Part of the Victorian Web at Brown University, Victorian Economics: An Overview links synopses of Victorian economic thought with related ideas and cultural contexts. The perspectives of Adam Smith, T... 

EcEd Web
The Economic Education Website (EcEdWeb) was created by the Center for Economic Education at the University of Nebraska, Omaha. The aim of the site is to provide support for economic education from K-... 

RAND Journal of Economics (RJE)
The web site for the RAND Journal of Economics allows visitors to search through the abstracts and browse through the table of contents of all past issues of the journal (1984-1998), as well as issues... 

Economic Sanctions
Provided by the Institute for International Economics (IIE) (reviewed in the December 4, 1997 Scout Report for Business & Economics), this site is a useful resource for Economics or International Rela... 

Economics 309: The Economics of a Sustainable Society
Professor Steve Hackett at Humboldt State University developed this site for his class on the economics of a sustainable society. The course aims to examine the "interrelationships between sustainabil... 

Handbook in Economics
The Handbook in Economics site is provided by Elsevier, the publisher of the series. The site features an overview of the various Handbooks, a table of contents, and chapter summaries. Contents can be... 

Center for Mathematical Studies in Economics and Management Science (CMS-EMS)
Founded in 1971 at Northwestern University, Evanston, IL, the Center for Mathematical Studies in Economics and Management Science is an interdisciplinary research center for economists, managerial eco... 

Economics 1723: Capital Markets
The aim of the course is to introduce students to asset pricing and capital markets. Topics covered include the random walk hypothesis, term structure of interest rates, mean variance analysis, capita... 

EC 407: Managerial and Industrial Economics: Industrial Economics Component
Kevin Hinde, University of Northumbria, Newcastle, UK, teaches students to critically analyse "government intervention in the competitive process" at his industrial economics course site. Hinde suppli... 

The Berkeley Law and Economics Working Papers
The John M. Olin Foundation Program in Law, Economics, and Institutions at U.C. Berkeley Law School presents the Volume 2001 Fall Issue of the Berkeley Law & Economics Working Papers. These papers hav... 

IDEAS: Internet Documents in Economics Access Service
Christian Zimmerman of the Center for Research on Economic Fluctuations and Employment (CREFE) at the University of Quebec at Montreal, recently established the IDEAS (Internet Documents in Economics ... 

The Future Information Structure in Economics
In an attempt to "start a debate in our profession," William L. Goffe and Robert P. Parks have recently uploaded "The Future Information Structure in Economics" to the Economics Working Paper Archive ... 

American Agricultural Economics Association. Meeting (1998 : Salt Lake City, Ut.)
The abstracts and selected full text of over two hundred papers presented at the 1998 American Agricultural Economics Association Annual Meeting in Salt Lake City, UT (reviewed in the June 4, 1998 Sco... 

Econ 245: Basic Econometrics and Quantitative Methods: Online Teaching Materials 1997
The course page contains slides from the lectures, tutorials, data for the tutorials, and the class project. The Econ 245 course page discusses the topics of ordinary least squares (OLS) regression an... 

Swedish Working Papers in Economics (S - WoPEc)
Operated by the Stockholm School of Economics Library, this site provides electronic access to working papers from Swedish universities and research institutes. Currently, working papers from Stockhol... 

NEP: New Economics Papers
New Economics Papers (NEP) is a working paper announcement service sponsored by RePEc (Research Papers in Economics) and the Electronic Library Programme. NEP aims to distribute, in the form of edited... 

Institute for International Economics (IIE)
The Institute for International Economics is a "private, nonprofit, nonpartisan research institution devoted to the study of international economic policy." This web site contains short abstracts and ... 

Economics 745: Urban and Regional Economics
James R. Follain, Professor of Economics at Syracuse University, has developed class pages for five courses on economics. Economics 745 looks at the various issues related to housing and housing fina... 

Environmental Economics Glossary
Kenneth Acks, publisher of the Environmental Damage Valuation Cost Benefit News, authors this glossary of environmental economics terms. In addition to concise definitions, the site also includes link... 

Economics Interactive Lectures List
Samuel Baker, Associate Professor in the Department of Health Administration at the University of South Carolina, has developed a series of interactive economics lectures. The lectures are at the leve... 

Economics: Private and Public Choice: Macroeconomics
This web site is developed by Dryden Press to supplement the economics textbook Economics: Private and Public Choice, by James D. Gwartney and Richard L. Stroup. Users can find annotated links ... 

Tutor 2U Economics
For teachers and students of economics, Tutor2U, from the UK, provides "high quality learning resources and online community." Student resources include online forums about economics and study guides ... 

Nobel Prize Winners

Mackinac Institute

Federal Debt

Bureau of Labor Statistics

Milton Friedman's Foundation

Cato Institute


Institute for Economic Affairs

Competitive Enterprise Institute

National Taxpayers' Union

Bionomics Institute

Concord Coalition

Fraser Institute

Ludwig von Mises Institute

Political Economy Resource Center

Heritage Institute

Mark Skousen

National Center for Policy Analysis

Thomas Sowell

Economics Magic

Georgia Southern Economics

Georgia Council on Economic Education


Business Law Today
The American Bar Association has recently begun to provide full text of this bimonthly magazine covering various aspects of business law. In addition to feature articles, there are five small sections... 

EY/Passport: Our Library of Tax Publications
World Tax is Ernst & Young's site for international business, tax and accounting. To help executives keep up to date with the latest tax developments around the world, the site features Tax News Inter... 

Emerging Law on the Electronic Frontier
The well known Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication (JCMC), a joint project of the Annenberg School for Communication at the University of Southern California and the Information Systems Divisio... 

FindLaw Small Business Center
One of the most comprehensive legal resources on the Internet, Findlaw (described in the February 23, 1996 Scout Report) has recently expanded its offerings with this new resource center for small bus... 

Report of the National Bankruptcy Review Commission
The National Bankruptcy Review Commission is an independent commission created in 1994 with the aim of "investigating and studying issues related to the Bankruptcy Code". After seeking views and opini... 

EU Business
EU Business is provided by Europanet. It aims to provide selected business information to the busy business person. Information available at the site includes European Union (EU) law, business devel... 

Mondaq Business Briefing
Mondaq Business Briefing is maintained by Business Briefing Publishing Ltd. as a service aimed at "professionals and business people involved in international trade and investment." The site provides ... 

Jurist: Law Professors on the Web
Bernard Hibbitts, Professor and Associate Dean for Communications & Information Technology at the University of Pittsburgh School of Law, provides this site, "designed to connect Neterate legal academ... 

Canadian Competition Policy Page (CCPP): A Site Devoted To the Dissemination of Information On Competition Law and Economics in Canada and Around the World
The Canadian Competition Policy Page is provided by the Simon Fraser University-University of British Columbia Centre for the Study of Government & Business. It aims to provide information on competit... 

Economic Analysis of Law

David Friedman, Professor of Law at Santa Clara University, developed this web site for his course on the Economic Analysis of Law. The highlight of the site is the draft chapters from "Why is Law?: A... 

The Proposed Tobacco Settlement: Issues from a Federal Perspective
The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) has prepared a report analyzing the impact of the proposed tobacco settlement's impact on consumers and industry. In the report, CBO estimates the reduction in sm... 

FindLaw Consumer Law Center
One of the most comprehensive legal resources on the Internet, Findlaw (described in the February 23, 1996 Scout Report) has recently expanded its offerings with this new resource center for consumers... 

Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation: Law, Regulations and Related Acts
The complete text of the FDIC's Law, Regulations and Related Acts (Rules and Regulations), complete with interactive search capability, is now available. Policy statements approved by the FDIC Board o... Business Filings Databases
This column from Law Library Resource Xchange (LLRX) (last mentioned in the September 7, 2001 Scout Report) by Kathy Biehl becomes more interesting with every revelation of misleading corporate accoun... 

Legal Encyclopedia
This site, provided by Nolo Press, a publisher of self-help law books and software, is a handy compendium of brief advice on fifteen topics, including small business, patent, copyright & trademark, le... 

HHS Fact Sheet: on the Welfare Reform Bill (August 12, 1997)
The Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act of 1996 was passed on August 22, 1996. The Act "changed the nation's welfare system into one that requires work in exchange for time...
Describing itself as "a single, comprehensive destination for legal information, e-law services and legal products on the Web," this Website offers law students, legal professionals, business firms, a... 

Business Education Lesson Plans and Resources
Compiled by Tonya Skinner, this metasite encourages lesson plan sharing and professional development among business teachers and business education students. The site includes annotated links to high-... Issue of the Week: Fast Track: More Than Just Trade Law
The site provides a good introduction to the battle over fast-track authority from Congress including a collection of quotes and links to the supporters and opponents of fast-track. It also... 

H.R. 3734: Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act of 1996
The Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act of 1996 was passed on August 22, 1996. The Act "changed the nation's welfare system into one that requires work in exchange for time... 

ABI World: Premier Bankruptcy Site
The American Bankruptcy Institute bills this site as "the premier site for bankruptcy information," and it's a difficult claim to dispute. Among the site's features are information on breaking news in... 

Antitrust Policy: An On - Line Resource Linking Economic Research, Policy, and Cases
The aim of Antitrust Policy is to "expose lawyers to relevant economic research; expose economists to the legal issues that arise in antitrust cases; teach students about antitrust; and ultimately, to... 

Wisconsin Works (W-2) Program Resource Page
On September 1, 1997, Wisconsin introduced Wisconsin Works (W-2), a welfare program based on work participation to replace Aid to Families with Dependent Children (AFDC). The Wisconsin Works site con... 

Encyclopedia of Law and Economics
Conceived by the University of Ghent, Belgium, the Encyclopedia of Law and Economics Website is a broad-based collection of resources pertaining to economic and legal issues throughout the world. Show... 

Lex Mercatoria
Created in 1993 by the University of Tromso, Norway Law Department, Lex Mercatoria was the first Website to focus on a specific legal subject -- international trade and commercial law. The resources f... 

Trade and Environment Database (TED)
Conceived of by Dr. James R. Lee of American University's School of International Service, this ambitious project seeks "to provide a common basis for researchers and policy makers to understand issue... 

Consumer Information: National Consumer Law Center (NCLC)
Founded at the Boston College School of Law, the National Consumer Law Center (NCLC) is a nonprofit corporation committed to the legal problems commonly faced by low-income and financially distressed ... 

National Credit Union Administration v. First National Bank and Trust Co.
Full text of this 1998 Supreme Court decision is available at the Legal Information Institute at Cornell University. The decision is significant in that it restricts the membership base of credit unio... 

FindLaw for the Public
One of the most comprehensive legal resources on the Internet, Findlaw (described in the February 23, 1996 Scout Report) offers this resource center for consumers. In the Consumer Law Center, users wi... 

Online Advertising: Beware of Dangers
Boston, MA law firm Lucash, Gesmer, and Updegrove have reprinted the article, "Online Advertising--Beware of the Dangers," originally printed in the March 30, 1998 issue of Mass High Tech, to b... 

Business a.m.
For Scottish business news and information, look no farther than Business a.m., a new daily online newspaper. The first national daily newspaper in Scotland in over 100 years, Business a.m.<... 

California Business Portal: Special Fillings Regarding Domestic Partnerships
According to California Law, domestic partners are "two adults who have chosen to share one another's lives in an intimate and committed relationship of mutual caring." Hence, for those individuals wh... 

Entertainment Law Resources for Film, TV, and Multimedia Producers
Insider knowledge from a real industry player -- a veteran entertainment attorney -- whose practice includes work in the areas of copyright, trademark, contract, multimedia law, and intellectual prope... 

The Patent Examiner: Corporate Survival Guide to Patenting
Washington D.C. law firm Arent Fox created the Corporate Survival Guide to Patenting to provide a general overview of issues in the patenting process. As there are often no easy answers concerning inv... 

RAND Journal of Economics (RJE)
The web site for the RAND Journal of Economics allows visitors to search through the abstracts and browse through the table of contents of all past issues of the journal (1984-1998), as well as issues... 

The Publishing Law Center
Presented by the Law Office of Lloyd L. Rich in Denver, Colorado, this site is attractively organized and provides useful information for "publishing companies, large and small" as well as anyone conc... 

Environmental Accounting Project
Developed by the United States Environmental Protection Agency in 1992 to help businesses account for environmental costs, the Environmental Accounting Project site offers a wealth of publications des... 

Advertising Law Internet Site
The Advertising Law Internet Site houses articles about the legal aspects of marketing products, with particular emphasis on infomercials, home shopping, and direct response TV. Other articles discu... 

The Checkers Bank
The Checkers Bank is a fictitious online bank created by the Federal Reserve Bank Board of Governors in order to aid in the education and understanding of the "application of consumer regulations to I... 

RAND Journal of Economics Table of Contents Service
This is a service which will deliver table of contents and abstracts of forthcoming issues of the RAND Journal of Economics by e-mail, 2-3 months before they are published. 

Antitrust Case Against Microsoft
This week's In the News looks at the antitrust suits filed against Microsoft by the US Justice Department and attorneys general from 20 states and the District of Columbia. The eight resources discuss... 

United States of America v. Microsoft Corporation, Conclusions of Law and Order
On Monday, US District Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson announced his decision that Microsoft had violated antitrust laws by stifling competition in the Internet browser market and "unlawfully tying its ... 

Wall Street Executive library
A one-stop resource, this portal includes news, reference tools, and a search engine directory. Websites are organized by country, mainly focusing on resources from Canada and the United States. Other... 

Electronic Authentication: Issues Relating to its Selection and Use
This report on electronic authentication was released in August 2002 by three working groups of the Federal Public Key Infrastructure Steering Committee. The purpose of the committee is to develop "a ... 

Analysis and Design of Accounting Databases
Jagdish S. Gangolly, School of Business, SUNY Albany, introduces students to the theoretical foundations of database management systems in ACC 682. Syllabi and calendars are provided in addition to s... 

Advertising Law : As the name says, this site provides information on advertising and marketing law. You can also find some excellent articles written by legal professionals such as, Choosing a Business Name and What's in a (Domain) Name?

CataLaw : This is one of the most comprehensive law sites on the Internet. Choose a topic and you will find links categorized by the depth of coverage the sites provide.

Consumer Law : A good site with a number of articles and updates related to consumer interests.

Cornell : This web site holds the Internet publications of the Legal Information Institute, a part of the Cornell Law School. Contains recent and historic Supreme Court decisions, U.S. Code, U.S. Constitution, Code of Federal Regulations, most of which only an attorney can understand.

CourtTV-SmBiz : This site contains a few sample legal forms and agreements. There is also a glossary of legal terms.

Dictionary-Duhaime's : What is "Bad Faith", "Yellow Dog Contract" and "Zipper" ? "Vis" "Witness" this lawyers (known as a Barrister in England) "Ad hoc".

Emory : This is another university site with a number of resources, mostly for legal professionals.

Find Law/Crawler : This in our opinion is the most comprehensive law site on the Net, which also has a legal search engine along with daily legal news from Reuters and other resources.

HRM Law : A very good site with links to Human Resources and Employment law.

Halligan : The Trade Secrets Home Page provides information on protecting coporate trade secrets and related articles/cases studies.

ILRG : A very good categorized index of more than 3000 select web sites in 238 nations, islands, and territories, as well as more than 850 locally stored web pages and downloadable files.

Internet Law Lib : The Internet Law Library (formerly the U.S. House of Representatives Internet Law Library), provided to the public as a courtesy of the Law Revision Counsel of the U.S. House of Representatives as part of the Counsel's mission to make the law (particularly the U.S. Code) available to the public.

Law Chek : Along with other legal resources this site provides downloadble legal contracts for a fee.

Law Guru : Another comprehensive legal site with links to searh engine forms, legal question bulletin boards and more.

Law Info/Smart : This site provides a very good library of legal documents that you can view on the site.

Law Source : Known as ALSO! provides an uniform, and useful compilation of links to all on-line sources of American law. The site also provides Canadian and Mexican  legal information and is very well categorized by regions.

Law Street : What we like about this site is that the Law Guide section provides an excellent set of legal information categorized by US States.

Electric LawLib : The Business Law Lounge section of this site provides a very good collection of articles and resources.

Legal Docs : You can obtain a variety of legal agreements, forms and contracts for a fee. Some basic legal forms are free to view.

Legal List : This site provides a breif step by step guide to finding legal information on the Internet.

Martindale : This is one of the well known legal directories, known for its search database of nationwide law firms and lawyers.

Nolo : Among other useful resources and articles for consumers and small businesses, this section of the site has an excellent legal dictionary.

Trade Law : International Trade Law Monitor site has numerous links to International Law.

West's Dir. : This is another well known searchable database of nationwide law firms and lawyers.

English as a Second Language/Foreign Language

French/ Francaise


Civilization Francaise

Casa de Joanna

·Learning resources, exercises, etc. for French and Spanish

Atla Vista Translation Aid

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·FL dictionaries, lessons, etc.

Free Online Language Courses

The French Assistant

French newspapers and magazines

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Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History
For educators, students, and persons looking for information about any period in American history will find the Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History Web site an excellent resource containing t... 

Recording Technology History
Most people don't give much thought to the technology that lets them watch a movie or listen to music on their CD players. Steve Schoenherr, a history professor at the University of San Diego, has. On... 

Westward by Sea: A Maritime Perspective on American Expansion, 1820-1890
This online research compilation is a part of the Library of Congress’s American Memory collection and presents pictorial and textual materials illustrating major themes in the history of maritime wes... 

History of the Workhouse
Part social history, part public documentary, Peter Higginbotham has created a Web site devoted to the workhouse, a feature of the English landscape for over two hundred years that provided employment... 

U.S. Labor and Industrial History World Wide Web Audio Archive
Maintained by Professor Gerald Zahavi of the University at Albany, this site contains a developing archive of Labor and Industrial History audio recordings in RealAudio format. Currently the site fea... 

Austin History Center
Located within the Austin Public Library, the Austin History Center is intended to provide the public with information about the history, current events, and activities of the city and environs. The C... 

The Oregon History Project
The Oregon History Project is an online educational resource designed both for the general public and for students and educators to explore the history of Oregon through primary and secondary document... 

Cleveland Digital Library: Virtual Cleveland History
Produced and maintained by the Special Collections staff of the Cleveland State University Library, the Virtual Cleveland History Web site is a fantastic omnibus of well-organized links to online hist... 

Current Labor History Periodicals
Based on the holdings of the Arbejderbevaegelsens Bibliotek og Arkiv, Copenhagen, with additions from IALHI members, this site contains a list of print yearbooks and journals (spanning nineteen countr... 

Computer History Museum: Timeline of Computer History
The Computer History Museum offers this outstanding online timeline, which ranges from the first proposal of electronic data storage in 1945 to the birth of the World Wide Web in 1990. "Each year feat... 

Airline History: The History of Commercial Aviation
Designed and maintained by Sarah Ward, a former commercial pilot, this site offers essays about almost every major airline, both contemporary and historical. A complete alphabetical list runs from the... 

Ann Arbor, 1900-1975: A Woman's Town
Bringing together the perspectives of 13 different women, this site contains video clips from two different documentaries that tell about the colorful history of Ann Arbor. Assisted by the Cultural He... 

The History of Jim Crow
This new educator's site takes users on a journey through American history by highlighting the era of Jim Crowism, lynching, and the disenfranchisement of African Americans from the 1870s through the ... 

History Cooperative
A project of the American Historical Association (AHA), the Organization of American Historians (OAH), the University of Illinois Press, and the National Academy Press, this site currently offers inde... 

History of Race in Science
RaceSci functions as a centralized collection of information resources relevant to the study of the history of race in science. The site provides comprehensive bibliographies on current scholarship; u... 

Dittrick Medical History Center
Currently operating as an interdisciplinary study center within the College of Arts and Sciences of Case Western Reserve University, the Dittrick Medical History Center was established as part of the

History of the University of Georgia
While the Digital Library of Georgia has many fine projects and online documents, this is one of their latest additions. This massive history (over 3000 pages!) was written by Thomas Walter Reed, the ... 

IBM Archives
IBM is one of the most recognizable names in the computer industry, with a history that spans over a century. The IBM Archives is an online repository of information that tells the story of how the co... 

Nerds 2.0.1: A Brief History of the Internet
This fantastic site shines the spotlight on the "nerds" who developed one of the most important technologies of modern day life. It begins with an overview of technologies developed in World War II th... 

The brainchild of Walt Crowley, HistoryLink is an online, highly engaging, encyclopedia of essays, visual material, and maps relating the history of Seattle and King County. With oversight from a numb... 

Studs Terkel: Conversations with America
This site, developed by the Chicago Historical Society, is a tribute to Studs Terkel, the noted oral historian, author, and radio host for over fifty years. Organized into galleries that are largely c... 

A Brief History of the Internet, Version 3.1
The most interesting thing about the latest version of The Internet Society's history of the Internet is the list of authors. The history of the Internet, is, in great measure, the history of the peop... 

Naval History Bibliography Series
The US Department of the Navy Naval Historical Center provides six bibliographies at this time covering both general and specific aspects of US Naval history. Included are two general bibliographies, ... 

The Gilder Lehrman Center for the Study of Slavery, Resistance, and Abolition
Located at Yale University, the Gilder Lehrman Center for the Study of Slavery, Resistance, and Abolition is "dedicated to the investigation and dissemination of information concerning all aspects of ... 

Immigration History Research Center
The IHRC, located at the University of Minnesota, is an "international resource on American immigration and ethnic history" that offers a number of resources of interest to migration and ethnic specia... 

Conelrad is a site devoted to all aspects of atomic culture in the United States, presented in an informative and visual stimulating fashion. Founded in April 1999 by two Cold War veterans, Ken Sitz a... 

Civil Rights Oral History Interviews: Spokane, Washington
While there are numerous civil rights oral history projects, there are few organized around the remembrances and memories of persons from a particular geographic locale. This collection of eight oral ... 

International Institute of Social History
The International Institute of Social History (IISH) is one of the world's largest documentary and research institutions for social history in general and for the history of the labor movement in part... 

Freedom: A History of US
Collaborating with WNET New York, PBS has created this Web site as the online analogue to the 16-part television series. Based on the books by Joy Hakim, the series (and the Web site) are dedicated to... 

Exploring Saskatchewan History through the Decades: The Story of the Missouri
Canada's Digital Collections has this educational Website on the history of Canada. The site teaches about the lower portion of the Saskatchewan known as the Missouri Coteau region, which borders Nort... 

American Women: A Gateway to Library of Congress Resources for the Study of Women's History and Culture in the United States
In 2001 the Library of Congress created the print publication, "American Women: A Library of Congress Guide for the Study of Women's History and Culture in the United States." The guide was recently r... 

England on Film: Living History from the North East and Cumbria
The BBC is known around the world for its vast collection of audio and visual material that dates back to the corporation's earliest days. Drawing on these vast resources, the BBC has established this... 

Performing Arts in America, 1875-1923
Developed with the financial assistance from the NEA, this wonderful collection created by the New York Public Library for the Performing Arts, looks at the exuberant and dynamic world of the performi... 

The Natural History Museum's Collections and Research Data Locator
The Natural History Museum, London released this data locator in December 2001. The data locator currently includes information from 22 different electronic databases that users can now search all at ... 

Wisconsin Pioneer Experience: A Digital Collection of Original Sources Documenting 19th Century Wisconsin History
The Council of University of Wisconsin Libraries and the Wisconsin Historical Society have teamed up to create this excellent online collection of letters, speeches, and other writings from a diverse ... 

A Romantic Natural History: A Website Designed to Survey the Relationships Between Literary Works and Natural History in the Century Before Charles Darwin's On the Origin of Species (1859)
Created by Ashton Nichols, Professor of English at Dickinson College, this interesting site should appeal to users in both the history of science and literature. Basically, the site explores connectio... 

Black History at Harpweek
Harpweek is a privately funded project begun in 1992 to digitize the entire contents of the nineteenth-century, illustrated periodical Harper's Weekly. The full database is only available by su... 

United States Early Radio History
The history of technology, particularly of communicative technologies such as the radio, is often overlooked by scholars. With this in mind, Thomas H. White has developed this fine site containing  

Our Documents
Beginning with the Lee Resolution of June 7th, 1776, and concluding with the Voting Rights Act of 1965, the Our Documents is a online repository of primary documents that "reflect our diversity and ou... 

Rutgers Oral History Archive of World War II
Begun in 1994 by the history department of Rutgers University, the Oral History Archive of World War II site (last mentioned in the April 7, 1998 Scout Report for Social Sciences) features tran... 

Charles Booth Online Archive
Charles Booth was a 19th century Victorian-era Englishman concerned with the rapid increase in poverty and human suffering throughout London that developed during the late 19th century. As such, he em... 

African American History
The Mississippi State University African American History Archive is a great place to start for pointers to African American history sites, as well as an excellent repository of African American histo... 

The Oxford Science Walk
Maintained by The Museum of the History of Science, the Oxford Virtual Science Walk Web site explores "some of the most important and interesting historic scientific sites in Oxford, from the time of ... 

Chemsoc Timeline
Chemsoc, the Web network for the United Kingdom's Royal Society of Chemistry, has prepared this site as "a linear based exploration of key events in the history of science with a particular emphasis o... 

Timelines are often a fun and easy way to learn a great deal about a subject. George Emery, a librarian at Canisius College, has been collecting timelines on the Internet since 1993 and kindly present... 

From the American Museum of Natural History comes the online exhibit on the life and legacy of Albert Einstein. Students (who should probably be at least of high school age) can learn about Einstein’s... 

The First American West: The Ohio River Valley, 1750-1820
Recipients of the 1999 LC/Ameritech Award, University of Chicago Library and Filson Historical Society of Louisville (KY) contributed this collection to American Memory in 2002. It consists of 15,000 ... 

AFRO-Americ@ Black History Museum
Afro-Americ@, a service of the Afro-American Newspaper Company of Baltimore, Maryland, has made available this interactive set of exhibits highlighting important events and people in African American ... 

AIP Center for History of Physics Niels Bohr Library
The Bohr Library site features an online catalog, archival finding aids, oral history interview abstracts, and a link to the International Catalog of Sources (ICOS) for History of Physics and Allied S... 


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Nursing/Dental Hygiene

The Nursing Theory Page (Hahn School of Nursing and Allied Health)

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Dentoforum (lots of great links)

American Dental Hygienist’s Association

National Board Dental Hygiene Exam


Psychology: University of California at San Diego (UCSD)
The Psychology Department at UC San Diego has just posted their Web server. It contains a large list of Psychology related Web servers from around the world plus the research interests of the departme... 

Psychology Experiments on the Internet
PsychExperiments is an extraordinary online cognitive and social psychology laboratory site developed with funding from the US Department of Education's Fund for the Improvement of Post-Secondary Educ... 

Psychology of Religion Pages
Designed and maintained by Professor Michael E. Nielsen of the Psychology Department at Georgia Southern University, this site offers numerous resources for people interested in psychological aspects ... 

Resources for the Teaching of Social Psychology
This site makes available a cornucopia of resources for the teaching of social psychology, including class assignments, activities and exercises, online lectures, topic resources, student resources fo... 

PSYCLINE: Your Guide to Psychology and Social Science Journals on the Web
Created and maintained by Armin Gunther and Martien Brand, this impressive metasite indexes over 1,600 online psychology and social science journals published in English, German, French, Dutch, and Sp... 

Catalyst: Information on Computers in Psychology
Catalyst serves as a current awareness resource for information about computers in psychology. The site features full-text scholarly and general interest articles on recent psychological research rela... 

Classics in the History of Psychology
Developed by Christopher D. Green, associate professor of psychology at York University, this site currently compiles the full text of over 80 works considered classics in the history of psychology. T... 

C-PSYCH: Cross-Cultural Psychology Discussion List
C-PSYCH is a forum for all individuals interested in cross-cultural psychology and is particularly designed to discuss generic issues within its intertwining disciplines, such as developmental, cognit... 

History and Theory of Psychology Eprint Archive
This eprint server is "offered as a free service to the community of scholarly historians and theoreticians of psychology with the goal of promoting the rapid dissemination of new work in the field." ... 

Scientific American Frontiers: Make Up Your Mind
This Web site is the online complement to Make Up Your Mind, a recently aired episode of the PBS series Scientific American Frontiers. This site would be a great addition to classroom material on brai... 

PsychCrawler: Indexing the Web for the Best in Psychology
The American Psychological Association (APA) developed PsychCrawler--a local area search engine--to provide rapid access to high quality psychological information. This search engine currently indexes... 

National Institute of Mental Health: Child and Adolescent Mental Health
Developed as a public service by the National Institute of Mental Health, this Web site contains a wealth of materials that will be very useful to mental health practitioners, parents, and those who w... 

C.G. Jung, Analytical Psychology, and Culture
C.G. Jung, Analytical Psychology, and Culture is a publishing site on the World Wide Web devoted to Jungian psychology and related fields. Articles, papers, book and film reviews, Jungian directories,... 

Scientific American Frontiers: Worried Sick
This Web site is a companion to an episode of the PBS television series, Scientific American Frontiers, on the effects of stress on human health and happiness. A synopsis of the episode's segments are... 

Psychology Resources: A Guide to Conducting Internet Research in Psychology
This clearly organized site provides general instruction on finding one's psychological needle in the haystack of the Internet as well as annotated links and resources focused on the field of psycholo... 

Great Ideas in Personality: Psychology Theory and Research
Created and maintained by G. Scott Acton, a PhD in psychology from Northwestern University, this site functions as a gateway to materials relating to personality theory. The Website offers introductor... 

The Mead Project: Foundational Documents in Sociological Social Psychology
Compiled and created by Lloyd Gordon Ward and Robert Throop at the Brock University Department of Sociology in Canada, the Mead Project contains an array of primary documents by George Herbert Mead an... 

American Psychological Society: Psychological Research on the Net
Posted by the American Psychological Society (see the May 6, 1994 Scout Report), this Website presents an extensive annotated list of psychological research currently being conducted on the Web... 

American Psychological Association Help Center
The American Psychological Association (APA) Help Center offers useful facts, information, and advice on how psychological services can help people cope with problems such as stress, depression, famil... 

Folk Psychology vs. Mental Simulation: How Minds Understand Minds
This Website "provides access to work that was discussed at, inspired by, or is otherwise relevant to the seminar 'Folk Psychology vs. Mental Simulation: How Minds Understand Minds,' a National Endowm... 

The Psychology of Cyberspace
Created and maintained by Professor John Suler of Rider University, The Psychology of Cyberspace is a frequently updated interactive document that provides "an evolving conceptual framework for unders... 

Spiramed Spiritual Implications for Medicine and Psychology
Spiramed is a mailing list and discussion group on the topic of the 'spiritual approach to medicine, psychology, and psychiatry' and is intended for discussions on all aspects of the integration of sp... 

The Psychology of the Internet: Research and Theory Discussion List
The Psychology of the Internet: Research & Theory discussion list will discuss research and theory on the psychology of the Internet. The topics that are appropriate to this list are broadly defined, ... 

The PSYCH-CI mailing list exists for discussions of topical issues in psychiatry and psychology. PSYCH-CI welcomes discussions of any topic related to clinical practice, research, ethics, or any other... 

PsyberSite at Miami University
This learning resource site features Web tutorials on a variety of topics in the field of Psychology. Written by undergraduate and graduate students at the university and supervised by faculty, these ... 

SOCRATES is an international computer network for persons interested in the theoretical and philosophical foundations of psychology. SOCRATES deals with such topics as categorization, consciousness, e... 

This new moderated mailing list will serve as a forum for the scholarly discussion of evolutionary theory. The forum will focus on the topics of evolutionary psychology, evolutionary epistemology, evo... 

Science Update: Lying
This Science Update from Science NetLinks offers students (grades 6-12) an interesting look at the psychology and phenomenon of lying. The lesson focuses on how the Fundamental Attribution Error relat... 

Implicit Association Test (IAT)
The Implicit Association Test (IAT) is a new psychological method for exposing "public-private and conscious-unconscious divergences" in thinking and feeling. This Website, a joint project of the Univ... 

Daily Lesson Plan: Fighting the War in Your Head
This Daily Lesson Plan from The New York Times Learning Network offers a fascinating exploration of the work of psychiatrist Dr. Jonathon Shay, whose approach to treating soldiers suffering from post-... 

School Psychology Resources Online
With over 1,000 annotated links, this Website offers a valuable directory of online resources in the broad and burgeoning field of school psychology. Resources are divided into two broad categories: S... 

Eunice Kennedy Shriver Center: Center for Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience Current Research Projects
This Web site contains an overview of current research at the Center for Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience (CDCN) at the University of Massachusetts Medical School's Eunice Kennedy Shriver Center. .

Emotions Matter: Making the Case for the Role of Young Children's Emotional Development for Early School Readiness
In this 20-page report (released in July 2002) from the Working Paper Series at the Harris School of Public Policy at the University of Chicago, Professor C. Cybele Raver offers an extended discussion... 

Sigmund Freud: Conflict and Culture
Sigmund Freud: Conflict and Culture was organized by the Library of Congress in cooperation with the Sigmund Freud-Museum, Vienna and the Freud Museum, London. The exhibit features vintage photograph... 

It's My Life: Depression
It's My Life, a PBS Kids Web-based educational series, offers 9-12 year olds a kid-friendly way to explore and share the issues in their lives. Depression is just one of many subjects addressed in It'... 

The Secret Life of the Brain
This Web site is the online companion to a five-part series about the human brain from PBS. With loads of fantastic interactive features, this site makes learning about the brain both fun. One of the ... 

Philosophy - Neuroscience - Psychology (PNP) Archive of Papers and Technical Reports
The Department of Philosophy at Washington University offers an extensive archive of papers and technical reports on interdisciplinary issues involving philosophy, neuroscience, and psychology at thei... 

Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance, United States, 1999
This annual report from the Centers for Disease Control "monitors six categories of priority health-risk behaviors among youth and young adults -- behaviors that contribute to unintentional and intent... 

Two Reports on Teen Risk-Taking: Data and Analysis from the Urban Institute
Drawing on data from three major national surveys of teenagers's risk-taking behavior conducted by the US government and University-based social scientists, last week the Urban Institute released two ... 

Bandaids and Blackboards: When Chronic Illness...Or Some Other Medical Problem...Goes to School
Joan Fleitas, Assistant Professor of Nursing at Fairfield University, provides this site, designed to offer the child's perspective on what growing up with medical problems is like. At the heart of th... 

Mystic-L mailing list
Mystic-L is a new group formed for the academic discussion of mysticism. Topics might include the mysticism of Paul, the Middle English mystics, the Greek mystery religions, the writings on Jewish mys... 

Arco/Art and Literature, Psychology and Communication
The aim of the ARCO mailing list (ARt and COmmunication) is to discuss themes and questions about the importance of ART in the actual historical period and its relationships with literature, psycholog... 

Psychology of Intelligence Analysis
This new full-length book from the CIA's center for the Study of Intelligence is an attempt to translate and make available to intelligence analysts selected cognitive psychology technical reports on ... 

Journal of Memetics: Evolutionary Models of Information Transmission
This peer-reviewed academic journal, sponsored by the Centre for Policy Modelling, the Prinicipia Cybernetica Project, and the Faculty of Systems Engineering, Policy Analysis, and Management at Delft ... 

DISABLED: Disabled Disability and Psychology Discussion Group
DISABLED aims to examine ways of exploring disability within a social and relational context. It takes a dialectical approach to the body and psyche which attempts to resist both social or biological  

Cognitive Science mailing list
COGSCI is an open, unmoderated discussion list about Cognitive Science. Topics including artificial intelligence, linguistics, philosophy, connectionism, psychology, conferences, lectures, and publica... 

Gustave Le Bon's The Crowd: A Study of the Popular Mind
The Electronic Text Center at the University of Virginia has posted the 1896 classic of social psychology, Gustave LeBon's The Crowd. Known for his seminal considerations of crowd psychology an... 

Biological Bases of Behaviour
This collection of materials, which supported several undergraduate-level psychology courses at the University of Plymouth (UK), won the 1998 Teaching and Learning Award of the Universities and Colleg...
Created a few months ago, but only recently completed, PsycPORT offers a substantial collection of psychology resources for professionals and interested users. Designed as a portal for psychology info... 

The Human Nature Review
While attempting to cover one area of scholarly discipline in a Web site may be a formidable task, the editors of the Human Nature Review are concerned with any substantive scholarship or research dea... 

Behavioral and Brain Sciences (BBS)
Provided by Cambridge University Press, Behavioral & Brain Sciences (BBS) is an international, interdisciplinary journal of "open peer commentary." This interesting Website highlights "open... 

Fundamentals of Behavioral Neurobiology
Dr. Peter Shizgal of Concordia University, Canada, provides these notes for a course on "the functioning of the nervous system and the brain mechanisms underlying mind and behaviour." The detailed, hy... 

Annual Reviews: Social Sciences
Annual Reviews has placed the full text of all titles in the Physical and Social Sciences suites on line, including all the Social Sciences titles: Anthropology, Energy and the Environment, Politica... 

Jung Index
Compiled by Matthew Clapp of the University of Georgia, the Jung Index is a collection of more than 300 online resources about and related to the life and work of Carl Jung, the Swiss psychologist and... 

PsychNews International
The well known InterPsych Newsletter has changed its name to PsychNews International and is available via email subscription and the Web. It is published ten times per year. Each issue can contain a c... 

VassarStats: Web Site for Statistical Computation
Created by Richard Lowry, Department of Psychology, Vassar College, the VassarStats Statistical Computation Website is a large collection of statistical calculators for categorical frequency data, pro... 

Journal of Integrative Neuroscience
J site provides free access to an electronic version of the first issue of the Journal of Integrative Neuroscience (JIN), which debuted in June 2002. Published by World Scientific Publishing Co.,... 

Consortium for Research on Emotional Intelligence
Founded in 1996 with support from the Fetzer Institute, the Consortium for Research on Emotional Intelligence is dedicated to advancing the research and practice related to emotional intelligence in

The BrainTainment Center
The BrainTainment Center- home of the World Brain - receives a daily feed of uplinked Brainpower scores from players of THINKfast(tm)- the new brain-game that claims to grow your brain as you play

Consortium for Research on Emotional Intelligence
Founded in 1996 with support from the Fetzer Institute, the Consortium for Research on Emotional Intelligence is dedicated to advancing the research and practice related to emotional intelligence in

Psychiatry, Philosophy and Society (PSYPHIL) Mailing List
PSYPHIL is a unique interdisciplinary forum that has been formed to encourage a critical analysis of psychiatric, psychotherapeutic and psychological practices, from a number of different perspectives... 

Girls and Greenery
A recent study indicated that inner-city girls who have had a view of nature from their home "may have a better chance for success." The brief article describes the study and some of its implications

History of Influences in the Development of Intelligence Theory and Testing
Developed by two professors of education at Indiana University, this Website gives a comprehensive overview of the field of intelligence theory and testing from Plato to the present day. Using an "int... 

Faith and Doubt at Ground Zero
The events of September 11, 2001, left many Americans turning to cherished and long-held beliefs about their respective faiths, and still others doubting the existence of a divine presence. This site ... 


Harvard graphic animation of the extra-cellular and intra-cellular events

The National Health Museum Resource Center

The Biology Project

Plant Image database

·Some animal photos too!

Hot Biology Web Sites

Genetic code cracker

Anatomy of the Human body

Web Anatomy

·Quizzes on diagram labeling

Integrated Taxonomic Information Systems

Tree of Life Web Project

·Phylogeny and Diversity

Animal Diversity

·Taxonomic Classification ·Pictures·Sounds of animals!

Dictionary of Molecular and Cellular Biology

·Free (but you can purchase a more extensive service)

The Visible Human Project

·Plan to create 3D image of male and female human anatomy online

Net Anatomy

Biology Animations

·Mitochondria·Hydrolysis reactions

DNA Transcription animation

Translation animation

Animal cells

·Linked Descriptions of Organelles

How Drugs Work (animation)

On the Origin of Species (about Charles Darwin’s teachings)

The Human Genome Project

·Ethics·Research·Nature papers (easy to read)

Biology Careers Page


·Cloning·Life and Death·Transplants

Environmental resources

MIT Biology Hypertext

·Chapters·Quizzes ·Practice Problems


·A bank of digital resources in Biology

Cells Alive!


Life, the Universe, and Everything

·Biology, Chemistry, Geology and more

ChemCom (Chemistry in the Community)

·Resources for Teachers including Test Question Exchange

Periodic Tables

Internet Chemistry


It’s Elemental!

·Elements Flashcard quizzes

Quia Chemistry

·Online Chemistry games

Stoichiometry by the Recipe

The Virtual Classroom

The Learning Matters of Chemistry

Principles of Chemistry (at GPC)

General Chemistry  


Big Bang Science (exploring the origins of matter)


·History of neutrinos (also available in French)

High Energy Physics made painless!

·Beam cooling



Seeing particles

·Exercises to track particle collisions and decay

The Particle adventure

·Extremely Comprehensive·Animations·Glossary

Physics/Astronomy Applets (Animations)


Online Experiments (for beginners)

Amusement Park Physics

·Examples of physics principles as evidence by carousels, roller coasters, free fall, pendulum, etc.

More Physics Applets

·Vector composition

·Acceleration and velocity

Best of Physics Web

·Best of atomic, molecular and quantum physics


·Issues of Theoretical Physics

The Physics Classroom

·General information for the beginner


·Electricity and Magnetism

·Sound and Hearing

·Heat and Thermodynamics,etc.

The Art of Motion

Exploring Gravity

Physics Experiments You Can do at Home

Kinetic Theory Applet

General Physics Applets

·Several topics

Physics 2000

Links for Light and the Electromagnetic Spectrum  Universe Textbook information for Chapter 5  Hyperphysics from GSU on light  Hyperphysics from GSU on sound - :Greenhouse%20Effect%A0:  The Greenhouse effect

Links for The Sun  Universe textbook information on the sun.  GSU Astronomy site.  Real-time pictures of the Sun in many different wavelengths with archives.  Sunspots and Solar Active Regions photo from APOD (see archives).  Luminosity of the Sun.  Theory of Relativity.  The Sunspot Cycle.  Project CLEA homepage for astronomy on-line labs. 

Links for The Nature of Stars  Universe textbook on the nature of stars.

Parallax  Hyperphysics from GSU on parallax.  Cornell information on parallax.  Ohio State move illustrating parallax.

Stellar Motion  An illustration of proper motion of stars.

Luminosity  How stars shine.  Spectral Classes.  Hyperphysics from GSU on Spectral Classes.  Brown dwarfs.

HR Diagram  The HR Diagram.

Binary Star Systems  Binary star systems.  Spectroscopic binaries.  Astrometric binaries.  Eclipsing star systems.  Using binaries to determine stellar masses.

Links for Birth of Stars and the Interstellar Medium

These links were active when the page was created.  If any of them have gone “dead”, please notify me, and I will remove and replace the link.  Thanks.  Universe textbook information on the birth of stars and the interstellar medium  The Orion Nebula stellar nursery.  A gallery of interstellar nebulae.

Links for Main Sequence and Old Stars

These links were active when the page was created.  If any of them have gone “dead”, please notify me, and I will remove and replace the link.  Thanks.  Universe Textbook with information on the main sequence and old stars

Red Giants  The Main Sequence.  A gallery of stellar paintings.

Clusters  A photo gallery of various types of star clusters.  Open or galactic clusters (young).  Globular clusters (old).

Binary Star Evolution  Lecture on double star evolution.  Double Star Library.  Low mass evolution of binaries.  Evolution of Algol.

Links for Deaths of Stars

These links were active when the page was created.  If any of them have gone “dead”, please notify me, and I will remove and replace the link.  Thanks.  Universe textbook with information on the death of stars.

Old Age and White dwarfs  Hyperphysics Concepts from GSU on red supergiants.  A carbon star.

Galleries of Planetary Nebulae

Turning into a planetary nebula:

Supernovae  Hyperphysics Concepts from GSU on supernovae.

Type I Supernovae  Supernova remnants.  Most distant type I supernova.

Links for Neutron Stars:

These links were active when the page was created.  If any of them have gone “dead”, please notify me, and I will remove and replace the link.  Thanks.;  Universe textbook on neutron stars. :  Hyperphysics Concepts on neutron stars and pulsars  The Crab nebula  Pulsars at Jodrell Bank, where they were discovered.  Moving neutron star from HST. :  Gamma Ray Bursts Hyper-novae.

Links for Relativity and Black Holes:

These links were active when the page was created.  If any of them have gone “dead”, please notify me, and I will remove and replace the link.  Thanks.  Universe textbook  with information on relativity and black holes

Relativity  Relativity sites from UC Berkley.  Fundamentals of particles and forces.  Hyperphysics concepts from GSU on relativity.  Earth “dragging” space as it rotates.  Lageos satellite. :  LIGO Observatory to find gravity waves.  VIRGO Project to find gravity waves.  Groups studying relativity.  Light cones.  Binary pulsar used to study relativity.  Binary and millisecond pulsars.  Lorentz transformations.

Black Holes  Overview of Black Holes.

ht  A stellar black hole.  Virtual trips to black holes and neutron stars :  Black hole geometry.  Accretion disk binary system black hole.  X-ray black holes.  Galaxy M87. :  Observations and deductions of black holes in spiral galaxy cores  M82 globular cluster with central black hole. :  Falling into a black hole.

Links for The Milky Way Galaxy, Our Home:

These links were active when the page was created.  If any of them have gone “dead”, please notify me, and I will remove and replace the link.  Thanks.  Universe textbook  with information on the Milky Way. :  The Milky Way.  Hyperphysics Concepts from GSU on the Milky Way.  Pictures of the Milky Way from APOD.  Excellent map of the Milky Way.
ttp:// :  The Milky Way seen at several wavelengths. The Ring around our galaxy.

Links for Normal Galaxies:

These links were active when the page was created.  If any of them have gone “dead”, please notify me, and I will remove and replace the link.  Thanks.  Universe textbook  with information on normal galaxies.  An archive of astronomical photos including many galaxy pictures.  The Hubble Deep Field  The Hubble Classification or tuning fork diagram.  An excellent drawing of a barred spiral galaxy.  A  gallery of elliptical galaxy photos.

Links for Active Galaxies:

These links were active when the page was created.  If any of them have gone “dead”, please notify me, and I will remove and replace the link.  Thanks.  Universe textbook  with information on active galaxies.  Active galaxies  A collection of links to various types of active galaxies.

Quasars  Hubble surveys quasars  APOD survey of quasars  Quasars and active galaxies.

Seyfert galaxies  Overview of Seyfert galaxies  A selection of Seyfert Galaxies

Blazars  Connections between blazars and black holes.  Multi-wavelength properties of blazars.

Radio Galaxies  Radio jet for M87

Links for The Big Bang:

These links were active when the page was created.  If any of them have gone “dead”, please notify me, and I will remove and replace the link.  Thanks.  Universe textbook  with information on the Big Bang. Universe textbook  with information on cosmology.

Big Bang  Hyperphysics Concepts from GSU on the Big Bang.  Hot Big Bang Model

Cosmology  Cosmology. Hyperphysics Concepts from GSU on the Cosmology.  Force Unification  Cosmology  The 2.7 K microwave background.

Links for Cosmology:

These links were active when the page was created.  If any of them have gone “dead”, please notify me, and I will remove and replace the link.  Thanks.

Also see Cosmology links in the section on The Big Bang. Universe textbook  with information on the Cosmology.  Cosmology  Cosmology  Cosmology facts.  APOD photo of galaxy movement toward the Great Attractor  General Astronomy  History of the Universe  Einstein’s Universe : This link has nice pictures and tough math! :  General Relativity  The Cosmological Constant :  Dark Energy and the accelerating universe. :  The expanding balloon analogy.  Redshifts.  Olber’s Paradox, why is the night sky dark?

Links for Past and Future of the Universe:

These links were active when the page was created.  If any of them have gone “dead”, please notify me, and I will remove and replace the link.  Thanks. :  Universe textbook information. :  Rotation Curve of the galaxy. - c1 :  Hyperphysics Concepts from GSU on the Big Bang. - c1 :  Hyperphysics Concepts from GSU on cosmology.  Open, closed, or flat universe?  The ancient flat Earth Universe.  The oscillating Universe.   The no-boundary Universe. :  The Big Bang universe.  The Inflationary Universe.  Why does Dark Matter matter?  The anthropic universe  Beyond Einstein.

Links for Extraterrestrial Life:

These links were active when the page was created.  If any of them have gone “dead”, please notify me, and I will remove and replace the link.  Thanks.

Universe Textbook information

Life in the Universe

Steven Hawking’s Life in the Universe page.


Solar System Overview

A History of SETI.

Habitable planetary systems

Stellar ecospheres

Imaging extra-solar planetary systems

How to find exo-planets

Rocky planets around other suns

Use binary star orbital dynamics to find other planets

Inner planet orbits around binary stars

The Drake Equation or Green Bank Equation

SETI home page.  Sign up to help.


Eric Weisstein's World of Mathematics 
This site provides an extremely large encyclopedia-style collection of material related to...   
The Math Forum - Internet Mathematics Library 
A huge list of resources in various topics of mathematics and math education.     
Proof Designer 
Proof designer is a tool intended to help students who are beginning to learn how to write proofs....     
Metamath Solitaire 
This applet lets you build simple mathematical proofs from axioms in logic and set theory. 

Real Set Theory 
An axiomatic theory called Real Set Theory is defined in which Generalized Continuum Hypothesis 

Foundations of Computer Science 
NuMachine, as powerful as Turing machine, but more intuitive in its working is described. Adding... 

White Hole, Black Whole, and The Book 
Intellectual space is defined as the set of all proofs of mathematical logic, contained in The Book... 

The Essence of Intuitive Set Theory
Intuitive Set Theory (IST) is defined as the theory we get, when we add Axiom of Monotonicity 

Definition of Intuitive Set Theory 
The two axioms which define intuitive set theory, Axiom of Combinatorial Sets and Axiom of...     
Generalized Continuum Hypothesis and the Axiom of Combinatorial Sets 
Axiom of Combinatorial Sets is defined and used to derive Generalized Continuum Hypothesis.

Ask Dr. Math Archives (Math Questions Answered by Volunteer "Math Doctors")

Eisenhower National Clearinghouse (ENC) Resource Finder (A Comprehensive, Multi-Media Collection of Curriculum Materials and Programs)

Explorer Math Lessons (Projects and Problems in General Mathematics, Algebra, Geometry, Statistics and Probability, etc.)
Furman University's Mathematical Quotations Server Search (Keyword Search Through the Quotation Database)

Geometry Forum (Search: Geometry Problems and Students' Solutions)

MacTutor Math History Archive (Biographies of Mathematicians and History Topics)

Math Archives (Materials for Teaching Mathematics, Software, etc.)

Mathematics, Science and Technology Education (Mathematics Lessons and Software)

The Yahoo Pi Page Index (Searchable WWW Pages Concerning Pi)
Formulas for Pi.

Mathematics Jokes

Puzzles with Polyhedra and Numbers

Isotiles -- geometrical figures involving two isosceles triangles

Nick's Mathematical Puzzles

General Resources

GPC Library Resources (subject-area-specific)

BlueWeb'n (Mega-Site for Online Resources!)


Captioned Media Programs (videos on all topics for hearing impaired)

Sign Language & Interpreting Related Links

SL as a Foreign Language
Foreign Language Requirement? Why Not American Sign Language? @ ERIC Digests

States That Recognize American Sign Language @ Info to Go, Gallaudet University

American Sign Language Resources

A Basic Dictionary of ASL Terms

Yamada Web Guide to ASL

Cindy's Homepage of ASL and Deaf Culture

Wilcox's Site on ASL Research

ASL Access Home Page

David Bar-Tzur's home page

James Womack's Webpage

Companies & Services

Info to Go at The Clerc Center

Educational Interpreter Performance Assessment

Hand Health Unlimited


Deaf World Web

Omer Zak's Deafness Related Page


Deafness & Interpreting Related Organizations


National Association of the Deaf

National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (NIDCD).

ASLTA Homepage

SIL Home Page

AHEAD - Association on Higher Education and Disability

ASHA Home Page

Rules & Regulations 

Department of Justice ADA Home Page

ADA Regulations - Justice Department

FCC Disabilities Issues Task Force Homepage

Computers and Technology
Anyone responsible for the care and feeding of Windows computers can benefit from this site (Mac solutions are in the plans). Find the latest on products in the Updates section.

Ethics in Computing
Most technology standards for students include study of ethics and technology. This website from North Carolina State University is a rich resource..

HTML Goodies
Have you ever seen colorful text or a pull down menu on a Web site and wondered how they were done? A visit to the HTML Goodies site should answer most of your questions.

The Internet Brothers: Tips and Tools
This area of the Internet Brothers site is subtitled "Helpware for the Cybercommunity." Whatever it is, if you are working with students on webpages, this is a must read. Update your HTML skills, or just visit the areas marked with a green dot (for beginners). Warning: the Community area (point your cursor over the Navigation menu to find this) may contain language more appropriate for adults.

Yale C/AIM Web Style Guide
In the introduction to this site, designer Patrick J. Lynch writes, "Few existing resources have attempted to approach Web page and site design as a challenge that combines traditional editorial approaches to documents with graphic design, user interface design, information design, and the technical authoring skills required to optimize the HTML code, graphics, and text within Web pages."

Sink or Swim: Internet Search Tools and Techniques

A tutorial/reference on Web searching tools and techniques with many links to search engines and a...

Java2 Certification Tutorial
These pages are designed to help you pass the Sun Certified Java Programmers Exam.  

Computer Architecture Tutorial
Quote: "This tutorial introduces undergraduate students to computer architecture concepts of caches...

How RAM Works
A description of the basic workings of a RAM chip.

Simulates the CPU and memory of a model computer called ""xComputer."" The applet lets you write...

UML Class Diagram Guidelines  
Online tips and techniques for creating better software diagrams.

Technology Resources

NoLo Internet Law

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