About Decatur Campus' Fire Management Program

This program will end Spring 2012.

Established in 1972 (named then, the Fire Science Program), the Fire Management Program prepares individuals for career positons in the dynamic and action-oriented field of Fire Service. The two-year sequence of courses leads to an Associate of Applied Science degree. A twenty-four credit hour certificate program is also available.

Key elements of a traditional business curriculum have been combined with a variety of technical fire courses to assist students in fulfilling a variety of career tracks within the fire service, including (1) technical and administrative skills needed by first-line supervisors and middle management supervisors to function effectively in the emergency and business environments of fire service today and; (2) business and technical courses to fulfill a variety of fire service career tracks including fire management, fire investigation, fire prevention, public education, and training.

Courses are established on a rotating basis and are practical for a variety of student schedules. Twenty courses are required for the Associate in Applied Science Degree. Thirteen of these are general educational and professional core courses. Seven FIRE technical courses are required, six of which are electives for the degree of three for the certificate program.

For more information, contact:
Daniels, Derwin
Coordinator of Fire Management
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