Associate of Applied Science Degree and Certificate

This program will end Spring 2012. Please view our new Homeland Security/ Emergency Management degree

The Fire Management Program prepares individuals for career positions in the dynamic and action-oriented field of Fire Service. The two-year sequence of courses leads to an Associate of Applied Science degree. A one-year twenty-four hour certificate program is also available.


General Education     Professional Core    
ENGL 1101 (a) **     BISM 2601 **    
MATH 1101 or MATH 1111 **     ACCT 2101    
PHED 2006     ECON 2015    
HIST 2111* or HIST 2112*     ECON 2106 or ACCT 2102    
POLS 1101*     BUSA 2106 **    
PSYC 1501*     COMM 1201    
Foreign Language (b)    
FIRE 1911 **    

*or honors version
** Fire Management Certificate Courses
(a) Students planning to transfer to other college program are encouraged to take the Regents' Test after ENGL 1101
(b) Any intro foreign language or sign language class will satisfy this requirement. See an advisor for guidance in this area.

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Professional Electives
(select 3 for certificate/6 for degree)
FIRE 1090   
FIRE 1902    
FIRE 1904    
FIRE 1906    
FIRE 1908    
FIRE 1916    
FIRE 1961    
FIRE 2901    
FIRE 2903    
FIRE 2905    
FIRE 2907    
FIRE 2911    
FIRE 2913*    
FIRE 2915    

*prerequisites: CHEM 1411, CHEM 1411L

Courses are offered on a rotating basis, online, and tele-course for a variety of student schedules. For the Associates in Applied Science degree, you must take all of the General Education and Professional Core courses listed above, plus six of the Professional Electives.

For the Certificate, you must take the listed English, Math, Business Information Systems, The Environment of Business, Fire Department Management and three of the Professional Electives.

Students who seek transfer credit information from other institutions should contact District Admissions and Records, Georgia Perimeter College, 555 N. Indian Creek Drive, Clarkston, GA 30021-2396 for guidelines.

A student may earn up to 21 semester hours toward graduation in courses appropriate to the student's major through credit by one or more of the following; College Level Examination Program (CLEP), Advance Placement Program (AP) of the College Board, and departmental examinations. Several courses in the Fire Management Program may be challenged for CLEP and/or departmental examinations. See your advisors for guidance.

For graduation and for Georgia Firefighter Standards and Training Council certification, grades of "C" or better in all FIRE technical courses will be required.

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Free electives career matrix

Course:    Six (6) courses for degree and three (3) for certificate    AAS in Fire Mngt.    Fire Investigator    Fire Prevention    Public Education    Training   
FIRE 1090    Special Topics in Fire Management             
FIRE 1902    Introduction to Fire Prevention and Suppression    §     §     §     §     §    
FIRE 1904    Inspection Principles    §     §     §        
FIRE 1906    Industrial Fire Protection        §     §      
FIRE 1908    Instructional Techniques    §         §     §    
FIRE 1916    Emergency Rescue Operations    §            
FIRE 1961    Fire Service Safety and Loss Control      §     §     §     §    
FIRE 2901    Firefighting Tactics and Strategy             
FIRE 2905    Fire Causes Investigations      §          
FIRE 2907    Incident Command    §         §     §    
FIRE 2911    Firefighter' s Hydraulics    §            
FIRE 2913    Chemistry of Hazardous Materials      §     §     §     §    
FIRE 2915    Building Construction and Firefighter Safety      §     §       §    

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For more information, contact:
Daniels, Derwin
Coordinator of Fire Management
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