2007 Decatur Campus Symposium Speakers

Dr. Richard Long - Tuesday, March 20

Dr. Richard Long is professor, scholar, writer and connoisseur of African-American arts and culture. He has studied and lectured at a variety of universities around the world including the Hampton Institute and the University of Poitiers. He founded the Center for African and African-American Studies at Atlanta University and has taught at Emory University since 1973.

His publications include classic books in literature, art, dance, and history such as Negritude, Essays and Studies, The Black Tradition In American Dance and Black Writers and the Civil War.

Dr. Akiba Harper - Wednesday, March 21

A nationally recognized Langston Hughes scholar, Dr. Harper is the author of the only book-length study of Hughes' celebrated Jesse B. Simple stories. She ha also edited four volumes of short ficiton by Hughes. She is Professor of English and char of the English Department at Spellman College, where she has taught since 1987.