Student Organizations & Activities
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A part of college life is extracurricular activities. Student activities can be a rewarding component of each student’s education. Through participation in activities and clubs, students can:

  • Complement the classroom curriculum with out-of-class related experiences.
  • Form relationships with other students with similar interests.
  • Develop mentor relationships with faculty and staff.
  • Utilize life skills such as decision making, planning, and critical thinking.

As a student leader, leadership skills and relationships may be developed that will last forever. These experiences can help improve self-esteem and confidence and add to a list of personal achievements.

Benefits associated with being a Student Leader are:

  • Gain new skills that can be transferred to your career.
  • Developing a personal relationship with students, administrators and faculty.
  • Make new friends.
  • You will become part of a group that shares common interests & work together.
  • Satisfaction of seeing and helping students learn.
  • Sharing one’s knowledge with others.