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Learning and Study Skills

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The Learning & Tutoring Center has books and tapes on learning and study skills including How to Study in College by Walter Pauk, The Secrets to College Success, 100 Things Every College Freshman Ought to Know, 100 Things Every Online Student Ought to Know, Orientation to College Learning, and The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.

We also have a growing collection of free handouts. Be sure to stop by and get your copy of My 24/7 Time Management Chart, Cornell Notetaking, SQ3R, and The Puzzle of Math!

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  • The Social Science Department offers the Higher Education Development Seminar (HEDS) course that helps students adjust to college and develop powerful learning skills including note taking, time management, text book reading techniques, critical thinking skills, and test taking.  This is an excellent opportunity to ensure you succeed in the academic environment and get the most from your college experience. Check the Class Schedule to find HEDS classes.

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Student Success Series

  • Dunwoody Campus Advising & Counseling sponsors the excellent Student Success Series featuring sessions on time management, math anxiety/how to study math, Cornell note taking system, SQ3R (how to read a text book), and many more!

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General Study Skills

  • http://www.howtostudy.org An amazing wealth of learning and study skills resources and links are available at this site including specific learning and study strategies for subjects ranging from Accounting to Theater.  Now with reviews!  If you visit only one study skills site, this is the one.
  • Train your brain at Lumosity.com
  • Virginia Tech has a wonderful site full of Study Skills Self-help Information including online workshops.
  • Over 80 learning skills handouts on topics including textbook reading, note taking, concentration, memory, time management, test taking, attitudes, and goal setting are available from the Student Academic Resource Center at the University of Central Florida.
  • Over 100 learning skills study guides are available at Study Guides and Strategies.  The site also contains translations of many of these study guides in more than 20 languages!
  • Visit the Study Skills Library at California Polytechnic State University. Topics include listening, memorizing, time management, note taking, test preparation, and test taking,
  • Conduct a Time Audit to help you to improve your time management skills (University of Minnesota--Duluth).
  • Excellent online study skills videos from Dartmouth College. There are short videos on the Cornell Note-Taking system, time management, stress management, reading improvement, and strategic learning. NOTE: These videos do not play from within the GPC network.
  • Video on how to use the SQ3R textbook reading method:
  • Mind-Mapping video by Stephen Pierce

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Conquering Test Anxiety

  • HowtoStudy.org also has many resources for conquering test anxiety.  One of the best is Beating the Big Bad Wolf, a multimedia test anxiety presentation from Austin Community College. (Note: Beating the Big Bad Wolf will take a minute to load.)
  • An excellent video on overcoming test anxiety from Dana Kobold of Red Rocks Community College:

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Learning Styles and Learning Self-Assessments

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Note-Taking Systems

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Time Management

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Group Projects

Have you been assigned a group project? Here are some websites with help on surviving a group project:

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Study Hints for American Sign Language and Interpreting Students

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GPA Calculator

  • This GPA Calculator from the Center for Academic Success at Louisiana State University computes how many As, Bs, and Cs you need to achieve the GPA you want. You enter your current and desired GPAs, credit hours earned, and the GPA you want.  It's quick and easy!