PHYS 1112L

Spring 2015 Lab Schedules and Handouts: See Table 2 below.
Labs Begin: Jan. 12-17 First week of classes.  You must attend the first lab session.
Location: NC 1320 Campus Map
Lab Exams: 4/22 - 4/29 The lab exam will be given during the last lab session.
Text: Dunwoody Coursepack Download from this site, or from your iCollege section.  Bring lab instructions for each week to each lab session. 
Lab Safety Requirement: Refer to the Lab Safety Policy here. You must sign the Lab Safety Guidelines and take the Safety Quiz by the 2nd lab session.  You must also read and abide by the Physics Lab Policies & Procedures.  These materials will be posted by your instructor in the iCollege page for your section.

Table 2

Schedule, Handouts and other Lab Materials



Lab: Introduction & Procedures

Other materials/information
1 1/12-1/17   Introduction to Circuits   Measurements and Uncertainties
2 1/20-1/26   Electrical Measurements   Vernier Caliper


3 1/20-2/2   Electric and Potential Fields

4 2/3-2/9   Ohm's Law

Electrical Energy and Power

5 2/10-2/16   DC Circuits  
6 2/17-2/23   RC Circuits  
7 2/25-3/3   Midterms  
8 3/4-3/18   The Current Balance   Waterslide
9 3/19-3/25   LRC Circuits
10 3/26-4/01   Geometric Optics  
11 4/2-4/8   Image Formation  
12 4/9-4/15   Interference and Diffraction - Intro

Interference and Diffraction - Procedures

13 4/16-4/22   The Grating Spectrometer  
14 4/23-4/29   Lab Exams Lab exams are held during the last regular lab session.

Table 3

Other Information  
Guidelines for Lab Notebook and Lab Report Lab Notebook and Report

Example Notebook

Formal Report Guide: Formal Report Guide
Example Reports: Measuring "g"

Friction Report

Mapping Three Electric Fields

Density of Metal Cylinders

Sign up for Open Lab: Open Lab

Other Documents:               

Dunwoody Coursepack  (older versions of lab handouts)

Preparation:            Read introduction to Dunwoody Coursepack