OPEN Labs  For Physics, Astronomy, Geology

WHERE:                NC 1300-1320

Open Lab Schedule

Spring 2016

Day Time Room
Monday 1:00 - 3:45 pm NC 1320
Wednesday 10:00 am - 12:45 pm NC 1300
Friday 3:00 - 6:00 pm NC 1320
NOTE: You must sign up and you must arrive within 10 minutes of your scheduled time.  

To Sign Up:

1.  Email Lab Coordinator:

2.  Include

1.  Your name.
2.  Your lab section.
3.  Date and time of session you would like to attend.
4.  Lab or experiment you want to work on.
5.  A return email address.

3. Check for confirmation

Use Open Lab to:
1.  Perform an experiment or laboratory.
2.  Make up a lab.
3.  Complete a lab.
4.  Review or practice with materials or equipment.
5.  Use lab software.

Who may use Open Lab?
Any GPC Astronomy, Geology or Physics student.

If you are using Open Lab to perform a Physics, Astronomy or Geology lab for credit, you must have permission from your lab instructor.

Some Rules

1.  You must schedule a session.

You must make an appointment with the Lab Coordinator.   At least one day in advance, send an email request to the Lab Coordinator.  See link below.

Arrive on time for your scheduled session.  Open lab is not a "walk-in" session.  If you do not show, the lab may be closed.

2.  Open Lab sessions may not be used as an alternate lab time.  To make up a lab, you must have a reasonable reason for missing your scheduled lab period, and you must have permission from your instructor.  "Reasonable" will be decided on a case-by-case basis.  We can be flexible, but you must not abuse that.

3.  No more than two labs may be made up.  No more than one lab may be performed in one session.

4.  Discuss with your lab instructor.

If you are performing a lab for credit, discuss with your lab instructor in advance.  Grading is at the discretion of your lab instructor.  Lab reports should be submitted to your instructor as he or she may specify.

5.  Be prepared.

You will be in charge of your experiment.  The Lab Coordinator or other lab personnel will set up your equipment or materials and will advise you on equipment use.  But you should be prepared to run the experiment yourself.

6.  Only those time slots listed are available.