Satisfactory Academic Progress

Financial Aid Loss & Reinstatement

A student who fails to establish good academic status or to make Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) becomes ineligible for financial aid.   Financial aid may be reinstated through the Financial Aid Appeal Process or a student may have financial aid reinstated by improving his or her academic progress through meeting the SAP Policy Standards.

Financial Aid Appeal Process

If the student has mitigating circumstances beyond his/her control that affected his/her ability to meet SAP standards, the student may appeal the loss of his/her eligibility.  To appeal the loss of eligibility, a student must complete a “Financial Aid Appeal” form and submit it with appropriate documentation to the Financial Aid Appeals Committee. 

Academic Plan: As part of the appeal a student is required to develop an academic plan with their academic counselor.

Supporting Documentation: In addition to the appeal, the student must submit supporting documentation.  The documentation must be directly related to the events that affected the student’s ability to meet SAP standards.

Processing Timeframe: The normal processing timeframe is 2-4 weeks from receipt of the appeal form; during peak periods the processing timeframe may be longer. Currently enrolled students appealing for an upcoming term, processing timeframe begins after the current term grades are available.

Appeal Decision: The student will be notified of the appeal decision through the mail, student GPC email, and you may check the status of the appeal by logging into your account on the Student Information System (SIS) at

If the appeal is approved, in order to continue to retain eligibility a student must follow each semester’s plan.  At the end of the each semester a student's academic progress will be evaluated to determine if the academic plan was followed. 

If the student follows the academic plan developed and passes all courses attempted, the student will maintain financial aid eligibility for the next semester of the academic plan. 

If a student does NOT follow the academic plan, the student will lose his/her financial aid eligibility for the following semester.  A student must be prepared to pay for his/her next semester of enrollment. 

Appeal Form: To obtain a financial aid appeal form, please use the following link  Financial Aid Forms.

Reinstatement of Financial Aid

If a student fails to meet the standards of academic progress and does not have mitigating circumstances, or the student fails to meet the conditions of an appeal, the student must pay for courses from his/her own resources until all SAP standards are met to regain financial aid eligibility.