How To Buy Your Books

All your tuition and fees must be paid before you can buy books with your financial aid. The remainder of your financial aid (up to $1000*) will be available on your GPC JCard during the first week of classes.  An example for one semester follows:

GPC JCard 

Total Aid Received:              $3,500   
Less GPC Tuition and fees      $1,700   
Remaining Balance      $1,800   
*Book allowance maximum       $1,000   


When tuition, fees, and books have been paid, Students Accounts will issue refunds of any remaining amount from financial aid awards.  This process takes two to three weeks after the first day of classes.

Students will receive a HigherOne MasterCard Debit Card in the mail and must activate the card according to the instructions.  Students must select how they want their refund(s) delivered from one of two options.