Veterans Educational Services

GPC VA Enrollment Certification Instructions


1.     Gather all information needed to complete the Veterans Online Application ( VONAPP).  

Example: DD214 (Veterans) or DD-238 (NOBE, Reservists).

2.     To apply for benefits for the first time or to switch education institutions, complete the VONAPP online at (Please skip this step if you have already completed the VONAPP unless you are changing benefits or changing schools.)

A.     Veterans and Reservists please use VA Form 22-1990 if you are using your benefits for the first time or VA Form 22-1995 if you have used your benefits at another school. VRAP applicants can apply @  

B.     Dependents and Spouses requesting Chapter 35 DEA please use VA Form 22-5490 if you are using your benefits for the first time or VA Form 22-5495 if you have used your benefits at another school.

C.    Transfer of Entitlement: If you are using transferred benefits please complete 22-1990E after the Veteran has received transfer approval from the Department of Defense.

D.    Transients: Please complete the attached certification request only and provide a copy of your transient permission form.

3.     Complete the admissions process for Georgia Perimeter College. In order to request enrollment certification you must be officially accepted into GPC, declare a major (unless you are a transient), and have a finalized schedule for the semester.

4.     After you have registered for classes complete the VA Enrollment Certification Request and submit to your campus financial aid office along with any supporting documentation (i.e. DD214, Certificate of Eligibility, or NOBE) if available.

*An email confirmation will be sent to your GPC email account within approximately 2-4 weeks after registration and after your information has been transmitted to the Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) for processing. The DVA typically requires a minimum of 30 days to process claims once enrollment has been sent from GPC.

**Post 9/11** Initial reporting will consist of HOURS ONLY…..tuition will be reported at a later date.

Text Box: ***Eligible students are responsible for paying tuition and fees upfront each semester with the exception of documented Post 9/11(Certificate of Eligibility, DD214, or E-Benefits doc is acceptable) students eligible at the100% tier (In-State) and Vocational Rehabilitation students who have approve authorizations (VA Form 28-1905) on file with  GPC Student Accounts, GPC Financial Aid, and the GPC bookstore (E-Follett). Please keep in mind that YOU are ultimately responsible for any unpaid tuition and fees. If you do not qualify for 100% coverage, please be prepared to pay the difference at the time of registration to avoid being dropped for non-payment. For all others, please take advantage of our new payment plans available through NELNET ( or apply for federal aid if applicable.  

Post 9/11 benefits DO NOT cover Out-of-State charges even if you qualify at the 100% tier. Yellow Ribbon is available for 2013-2014 to qualifying Veterans/Dependents only (100% tier), on a first come first serve basis. Please visit your campus Financial Aid Office for additional information.

*****Chapters 30, 1606, 1607, and VRAP benefit recipients are responsible for verifying enrollment via WAVE (Web Automated Verification of Enrollment) at the end of each month within the certified enrollment period by visiting or by calling 877-823-2378 to certify continuous enrollment and avoid payment delays.

·         Benefit payments, including MHA (Monthly Housing Allowance), are issued at the beginning of each month for training pursued the previous month. Payments are sent directly to the student from the Department of Veterans Affairs. Tuition and fee payments for Post 9/11 and Voc Rehab are sent directly to the school. Post 9/11 tuition and fees are billed to the VA after the Financial Aid Freeze Date each semester for accuracy.

·         Post 9/11 book payments are REIMBURSED to the student at a rate of $41.67 per credit hour up to the maximum tier of individual eligibility; please be prepared to purchase your books out-of-pocket each semester or use other resources if available. Book Payments are sent directly to you and not the school. Please allow 30 days for processing after you have been notified via email of your enrollment certification. You can avoid late book payments by registering during early registration.

·         Post 9/11 recipients must be enrolled full-time, effective 08/01/11, to receive full housing benefits otherwise your housing allowance will be prorated based on your rate of pursuit (i.e. if you enroll in 9 credits and 12 is considered full-time, your rate of pursuit is .75 which qualifies you for only 80% of your MHA rate). The minimal enrollment must be greater than half-time to receive any portion of MHA. At least one on-campus course is required to be paid at the resident rate.         

·         VRAP students must be enrolled full-time during the entire enrollment period to qualify for benefits.

Schedule adjustments after you have been certified can result in a VA Overpayment and a school or VA debt.