The annual audit plan lists the audits, special projects, and other audit related activities that will be performed during the fiscal year.  The plan is prepared  based on a comprehensive risk assessment process performed by the internal auditor with assistance from executive staff each year.  This process  identifies  the areas of greatest exposure to the College. 

The Fiscal Year 2014 Audit Plan was approved by Interim President Rob Watts and Chief Audit Officer and Associate Vice Chancellor John Fuchko of the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia and was designed to review the following areas:

  • Retention and Graduation

  • Academic Department Administration - Fine Arts

  • Cash Receipts and Handling

  • Student Refunds

  • Hazardous Waste and Materials

  • Door Key Management

  • Student J-Card Administration

  • Payroll - Limited Review

  • Asset Management

  • Mailroom Operations

  • IT General Controls

  • Mobile Devices

  • Grants and Sponsored Programs Administration

  • Development

  • Scholarships

  • Student Life Administration

  • Counseling Services/Crisis Management and Intervention

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