Budget Activity Report

Budget Activity Reports from PeopleSoft

Georgia Perimeter College
Budget Activity Report Instructions

1. Go to the website:  https://fprod.gafirst.usg.edu/psp/fprod/EMPLOYEE/ERP/?cmd=login

2. Use your “At Your Service” User ID and Password to log in.

3. Click on “BOR Menus” (it is on the left side of the screen) if this item is not available you will not be able to continue to Step 4. Please send an email to Amy Jurgens

4. Click “BOR General Ledger”

5. Click ” BOR GL Reports”

6. Click ”Budget Activity Report”

7. If this is the first time you have accessed the new reports, click the tab “Add a New Value”. Enter “Bud_Act_Report” in the space for Run Control ID (there can be no spaces between words for the run control). Click “Add” tab. Proceed to Step 9 to enter your information.

8. If this is NOT the first time you have accessed the new reports, click “Search” and select the appropriate run control and proceed to Step 9 to enter your information.

9. Enter the following information:

Select the type of report you want to run by checking the box next to Detail Report or Summary Report
Business Unit: 71000
Budget Reference: 2016
Click the box for All Fiscal Periods
From Project and To Project:  Enter % (wild card) to see all projects or enter your project ID (if running a report on Facility or IT project)
From Fund Code and To Fund Code: Enter % (wild card) to see all funds or enter your fund code if known
From and To Department: Enter your department number
From Account: 500000
To Account: 899999
If you need help, use the “look up button” next to each field.

10. Click “Run”.

11. Change the default “*TYPE” from Web to Email. The report will be sent directly to you via email in .PDF format.

Georgia Perimeter College Budget Office
3251 Panthersville Road
Decatur, GA 30034-3832

Phone: 678-891-2375