Employee Travel and Reimbursement

In cooperation with regulations promulgated by the Georgia Department of Audits and Accounts, the Office of Planning and Budget and the Board of Regents, Georgia Perimeter College has adopted the following regulations regarding travel of employees on official business of the College. It is believed that these travel practices will protect the best interests of the employee and Georgia Perimeter College.

While institutions of the University System shall be guided by general travel regulations set forth in the Business Procedures Manual these policies incorporate more specific regulations and limitations particular to the employees of Georgia Perimeter College.  

The College's Travel and Reimbursement Policy is located here:
The processing of all travel approvals and reimbursements is managed by the GPC Budget Office and Accounting Services.
Topics in this section include:

- Authorization for Travel

- Per Diem Allowance for Meals

- Lodging Expenses

- Travel by State-Owned and Personal Vehicles

- Travel by Rented or Public Transportation

- Travel by Private Aircraft

- Registration Fees

- Miscellaneous Travel Expenses

- Corporate Charge Cards and Travel Advances

- American Express Travel Services

- Reimbursement Procedures

- Travel Procedures

- Glossary