Travel Summary

Employee Travel and Reimbursement



Step 1

Submit a Prior Approval for Travel Authorization form to the Budget Office, Decatur Campus.

  • Prior Approval must be completed and signed by your supervisor.
  • Prior Approval should be submitted at least two weeks prior to any registration deadlines.
  • If traveling by air, an authorization number will be assigned by the  Budget Office.
  • An approved copy will be returned to the department if you include extra copies.

Step 2

Prepayment of Registration Fees

  • One completed and approved Payment Request, including the Federal Identification Number
  • Three copies of a completed and approved Prior Approval for Travel Authorization form. 
  • Original and one additional copy of the completed registration form.

Step 3

Travel Reimbursement

  • Complete the Travel Expense Statement, with supervisor's approval, and submit it to the Budget Office, Decatur Campus
  • Include original receipts for lodging, vehicle rental, registration, and airfare with the expense statement.

Authorization for Travel

Approvals for local travel are submitted on a fiscal year basis. Authorized expense amounts must be approved by the department budget manager.

Registration Fees

Registration Fees may be paid in advance by the College. A payment request with the Federal Identification No., registration form with one additional copy, and Prior Approval for Travel Authorization form should be submitted at least two weeks prior to the registration deadline. Send all forms directly to Accounting Services, Decatur Campus.

Mileage Rate

Effective April 2012 the mileage rate is $0.555 per mile.

Campus Travel - mileage limits one way

Reimbursement for local campus travel will be limited to the following:

Between Alpharetta and…   
Clarkston    30   
Decatur    37   
Dunwoody    14   
Lakeside    24   
Newton    63   
Between Clarkston and…   
Alpharetta    30   
Decatur    10   
Dunwoody    13   
Lakeside    4   
Newton    40   
Between Decatur and…   
Alpharetta    37   
Clarkston    10   
Dunwoody    22   
Lakeside    13   
Newton    35   
Between Dunwoody and…   
Alpharetta    14   
Clarkston    13   
Decatur    22   
Lakeside    9   
Newton    51   
Between Lakeside and…   
Alpharetta    24   
Clarkston    4   
Decatur    13   
Dunwoody    9   
Newton    43   
Between Newton and…   
Alpharetta    63   
Clarkston    40   
Decatur    35   
Dunwoody    51   
Lakeside    43   

Travel Expense Statements

Travel Expense Statements must be submitted within 45 days of the trip. Incomplete forms will be returned to the employee. Statements received after 45 days may not be reimbursed.  Original receipts are required for lodging, airfare, and vehicle rental.  Travel reimbursements are made via direct deposit. 

Meal Limits

The daily meal limits shown below may be considered as a single daily total:  

Number of Meals Reimbursed    Meals Reimbursed    Maximum Allowable Expense   
3 meals per day    breakfast/lunch/dinner    $28.00   
2 meals per day    breakfast/lunch    $13.00   
breakfast/dinner    $21.00   
lunch/dinner    $22.00   
1 meal per day    breakfast    $ 6.00   
lunch    $ 7.00   
dinner    $15.00