Business Administration Division

The World of Business has become more global in focus, culturally diverse, increasingly reliant on technology and extremely competitive. To prepare the students of today for the workforce of tomorrow -- the Business Administration faculty at Georgia Perimeter College seek to provide students with the core business knowledge and skills necessary to obtain a four-year degree, or to assist them in competing in the workforce by providing an increased knowledge of general business and management techniques.

GPC students are as multinational and multicultural as the world of business and management is today. We are committed to providing a challenging and rewarding academic environment for students and assisting them to achieve their career goals.  At the completion of the program at Georgia Perimeter Business Administration program at Georgia Perimeter College will provide the basic freshman and sophomore college, a student will be prepared to continue studies at a four-year institution in an area of specialization. Upon attainment of the Associate of Science degree, a student may transfer to a senior institution in the University System of Georgia with full junior standing.

The world of business has changed dramatically in recent years. With increased use of technology, and in particular the Internet, every company has an opportunity to maintain a global presence. Business Administration encompasses several fields of specialization:   


Hospitality Administration

Actuarial Sciences

Information Systems

Decision Sciences

International Business





Health Administration

Real Estate

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