Criminal Justice Careers

Why Pursue a Career in Criminal Justice?

If you complete the two-year Criminal Justice major at Georgia Perimeter College, you have a wide range of career options that include:

  • Applying for jobs immediately;
  • Enrolling in a police academy;
  • Using the two-year degree for career advancement or
  • Transferring to a four-year college for a Bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice.

GPC has an articulation agreement with the Georgia State University Criminal Justice Department and can academically advise those seeking transfer to the University of Georgia Criminal Justice Department.

You will receive an Associate of Science degree and be able to pursue a lucrative, rewarding and exciting career in law enforcement, court administration or corrections.

The GPC Criminal Justice Program is also a good pre-law introduction for students interested in attending law school.

Photos of equipment and police personnel courtesy of DeKalb County Police Department.