Careers in Criminal Justice

Applicants to the GPC Criminal Justice Program must meet all of the requirements and procedures of the College Admissions Office. Students may apply online to the college. There is also a helpful New Students Admission Checklist for assistance.

In addition to taking general requirements for a well-rounded education, you can study these courses in the Criminal Justice major:

CRJU 1100 Introduction to Criminal Justice

A general overview of the three major components of our criminal justice system:police, courts and corrections.

CRJU 2110 American Police System

A study of the history, role, organization, and problems in public law enforcement; includes specifics such as police operations, discretion, and ethics.

CRJU 2310 Corrections

An examination of the correctional system and how various penalization philosophies shaped its development; includes the structure and operations of jails, prisons, and parole procedures.

CRJU 2410 Criminology

An exploration of crime, with emphasis on criminological theory and varieties of thought concerning the American criminal justice system.

CRJU 2700 The Judicial System

An introduction to the United States court system - including its legal basis, structure, jurisdiction, and operations - with special emphasis on criminal procedures and constitutional limitations.

"I enjoy working with college students and introducing them to criminal justice." Captain Jim Helms, Training Commander, DeKalb County Police Academy and Adjunct Professor of Criminal Justice at Georgia Perimeter College.